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You Tube: 10 best you tube channels for kids

The you tube video maker gets more out of making a video than you get out of watching it. – Seth Godin

You tube is a video platform where users can watch, like, share, comment and upload their videos. When we talk about videos what comes in our mind directly we started thinking about you tube. Today’s generation spend their mostly time on social media or you tube videos but it totally depends on us what is our preference.

It is good platform as well as bad. But due to covid teachers took fully help of you tube to teach their students. There are so many helpful videos like, lessons summary, notes and many more.

And in this kids also enjoyed the YouTube videos. Its completely free, there are no fees to pay in using You Tube so, you can easily watch any videos as per your choice. It also allows you to make your own videos and upload it and take money for it.

How you tube videos benefited kids?

You Tube videos  are like watching TV. Kids spend their mostly time in mobile phone. there are many channels which upload kids videos like toy videos, cartoons, as well as creativity of their lessons. Animation companies try to make such videos that attracts kids audience.

According to research (Jindal Robin  and Kanozia Rubal 2019)  shows that you tube has emerged as one of the biggest source of infotainment in the world. In this research, researchers tried to explore the role of you tube based children  channels in parenting, developing learning habits etc. most of the parents consider that you tube kids channels strongly influence the learning and development of their children.

You tube gives varieties of content that helps people to get it. Video encourages a level of familiarity that helps building with community and get a feedback about any topic by comments. If kids started making videos they can explore themselves and coming out of their comfort zone. They can easily handle how to face the camera, how to be confident and many more things.

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Khan Academy Kids

You Tube is a free, fun, educational program designed to inspire young children to become learners for life. It offers creative educational videos for child that they can understand the topics creatively and explore themselves. This channel is the best platform for education. They provide videos like sledding story time, story books collection, learning numbers and alphabets, kids library etc. it is a app also where you can get lessons, teacher tools, camp khan kids, research, printable.

and circle time. This channel helps to engage child in core subjects as well as kids enjoyed the lessons. The main thing is everyone can access it because is fully free.

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Art for Kids hub

You Tube platform where you will find all kinds of art lessons for kids, even painting and origami for kids. Parents need to know that art for kids hub is an art site designed to help kids learn how to draw, sculpt and sketch. Kids are very creative person. The enjoyed a lot these types of channels and they also learn so many things.

Parents are encouraged to send photos of their children’s art to be posted on the site and can include their kid in the image if they want. It has simple art projects on this video – based website are activities young kids should enjoy because some are based on seasonal topics or famous cartoon characters, and they are easy enough to complete without getting frustrated.

The dodo kids

It is a new you tube channel- from leading animal brand The Dodo –  is the perfect place for kids, preschool and up, who love animals and love to see heart warming, playful animal stories even more. It provides a new way for The dodo to grow an audience through quality programming, which includes long-form story-telling rather than viral videos. Kids enjoyed this channel videos.

The brain scoop

You Tube is the platform where children engaged in videos that cover everything from scientific dissection to tours of museums and science labs. The channel started by Emily Graslie who has ease in front of the camera, enthusiasm, and fan comment. In 2014, the channel was listed on New Media Rockstar ranked at 96. This is a perfect platform to get your kid excited about earth science, animals,  and the environment.

Ted Ed

You tube channel is the best platform for kids looking for education, inspiration and fun. You can access great lessons plan here. This foundation has created these educational editions of their highly popular lectures.

Each video is born out of a collaboration between experts in various fields and creative animators who provide visuals that are just as captivating as the content. You can also find some assessment for child that help your child to revise the chapters summary. They gives you very friendly animation videos.

Info bells

You tube is one of the top 10 You Tube kid TV channel in India. The reason behind famous of this channel is that it is completely mesmerizing with catchy music and colourful characters. It also motivated the children by their moral stories.  Due to this they learn basic morals about life.

There are fairy tale stories also for girls which you can read to them during bedtime. It is best known for creating short form content of three minutes inspired from Indian folklores, rhymes and morals in different languages. Info bell’s characters Chinnu, Chitti, Pappu and Lalaji from The Adventure of Chinnu & Crazy Pappu are hugely popular and have a massive following among kids as for the trio’s new adventure songs to entertain them.

Appu series

You Tube platform where you get world’s largest collection of baby nursery rhymes. It shows toys, crafts videos and merchandise to help your children learn. Here, Appu is baby elephant with magical powers he can use through deep concentration and connection to his spirit family and forest home.

In this videos Appu and his friends Neena, solve problems, learn about the world and even travel the globe in search of knowledge, adventure and the joy of friendship. It is also currently working on a self-funded feature film based on Appu The Elephant, the film is currently in production.

Video Gyan

It is (You Tube) a Bengaluru based You Tube channel famous for its finger family collection of videos. From this collection, Daddy finger nursery rhymes video. It offers a wide range of content formats. At video Gyan they believe entertainment is for all ages right from a new born to old. Kids love to be entertained and have fun while watching any content. This channel love to see the smile of kids. Some series like too boy is very funny comedy series.

Chu Chu Tv

It is ( Tou Tube )the most popular channel among child which makes it 9th most subscribed channel in India and the eighth most subscribed You Tube channel overall. It create 2D and 3D animation videos of traditional nursery rhymes with an incorporation of peppy music and a modern day aesthetic in them.

All the videos from Chu Chu Tv are colorfully and playfully animated, like a children’s story book. The lines of many rhymes represent the educational angle. There are popular nursery rhymes Johny Johny, yes papa and Ba Ba black sheep are very liked by kids.

Peekaboo Kids

It’s a ( You Tube) channel which provides interesting videos on the basis of natural history and science discoveries. This is most Colorful and cheerful animation. The channel breaks down the videos in some categories such as solar system, pollution, learning with baby binocs. Etc. it gives a world of exploration and imagination opens up for the kids that impart essential learning through songs and music.