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Thoughts:- What is thinking in our mind

Thoughts is the mental process in which beings from psychological associations and models of the world. This is the process. When we conceived anything and try to engage in that perspective, problem solving, reason and make decisions. Human thoughts works in three steps. First is when human perceives anything then he interpreted it on the basis of his \ her experience and then they judge.

Our minds got tremendous incalculable energy. It channelized through nervous system which acts and follows . The brain is very powerful but procrastination creates conflict which is the cause of disorder in life. The brain is comprised of thoughts, feelings, emotions and our senses. The thought is the dominating factor in everyone’s life. Its like bread and butter for the mind, it has received great importance in all parts of brain.

Types of Thought

Many psychologists and philosophers have realized that there is no single type of thinking. There are many different kinds of thinking. One of the common approach divides the types of thinking into problem solving reasoning, but other kinds of thinking, such as judgement and decision making. First is perception thinking it is the simplest form of thinking as people interpret anything according to their experience. Second one is Conceptual thinking in this thinking people are able to use concepts, objects and languages. It is regarded being superior to perceptual thinking.

Reflective thinking in this thinking the people are able to solve complex problems. It requires reorganization of all the relevant experiences to a situation. Creative thinking in this the one’s ability to create something new, novel or unusual. It looks for new relationships to describe and interpret the nature of things, events and situations.

If your Critical thinking in this people are able to helps a person by stepping aside from his own personal beliefs, prejudices and opinions to sort out the faiths and discover the truth, even at the expense of basic belief system. Development of thinking it is one of the most important aspects of learning process. Our ability to learn and solve the problems is totally depends upon our ability to think correctly. If you can started think like this, you will be able to understand your thoughts and solve your problems as well.

Does one know how and why thought come about ?

Basically our brain is storehouse of memory, we learn something   from learning comes accumulative knowledge ,then comes experience  which from constant and repetitive practice and recognition becomes memory . Whenever we faced with questions which are similar. We already in the past questioned, our brain response and search our storehouse of memory and in response thought comes.

We answer the question very well. And when we asked something difficult  our brain does the same thing again search the memory  and find out nothing similar to the question or related to it then it says ‘ I DON’T KNOW’ . Thought is a repetitive process , and it goes on and on slightly modifying and adjusting towards challenges and environment . In technological world  everything is created by thought all the religion is a result of it.

Limitations of Thoughts

Thought in its very source is divisive and limited. It is based on knowledge and memory and knowledge is always limited. It has created wondrous inventions and revolutionary life changing things in human life. If you are created wars and atom bombs which created havoc and sorrow in life millions of people have died in the past. Not only that it has divided man from the time immemorial in humans life. Discrimination on caste ,creed , nationalism, tribe , color and sex . It has divided men and life also broken up everywhere. We humans have creates images.

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Difference between ‘what is’  and ‘what should be’

Thought creates idea but the fact is always different. This division creates conflicts therefore disorder in life these all breeds anger, anxiety, depression, violence and many more neurotic disorders. It should be observe only the fact and see the whole totality nature and structure of thought taking place in their minds. When it takes place. The understanding of thought is necessary to understand  disorder and not seek order or opposite of facts, idea and images are created by thought therefore fragmentary and division.

One must learn the art of everything. This means to put everything in right place just like everything thought. Its place and it should realize its importance as well as harmful side effects on life. It is especially in relationship thought puts images and never see the person new and fresh humans are living beings and not detrimental that things such as stone or a piece of wood humans are changing modifying themselves.

All the time whereas images are just a glimpse and shadows. A person therefore dissolve images and ideas and meet life new. Which will come only with the observation of facts and only facts and nothing else. Always deal with active present happenings and never create any idea and assumptions of anything. Hopes and beliefs are a form of ideas which gives disappointment and security to the brain. It feels protected and safe in a form of idea.

Theory of mind

Theory of mind is an important social cognitive skills that involves the ability to think about your mental states as well as others. In this theory of mind we understand that all people have unique beliefs and desires that are different from our own beliefs. Daily we meet with so many beliefs and try to interpret it in our own sense.  As human being we believe and try to predict the behavior of others as we want.

How does theory of mind develop?

We do not understand everything as a born child it’s a process. When we are understand that everyone have unique beliefs and desires that our unique from our own and infants need to develop their theory of mind later on (Westby & Robinson 2014). There are some skills that you have to get to understand the concept of attention, intention of others. Other developmental precursors necessary of theory of mind to develop include:

  1. Pretending to be someone else
  2. Understanding the causes and consequences of emotions
  3. Try to understand other people and their likes\dislikes.

How can allows people infer the intension

This theory allows people to infer the intentions of others. As the thinks about what’s going on in someone else’s and what’s going on in someone else’s head, including hopes, fears, beliefs, and expectations. By being able to develop accurate ideas about what other people are thinking, we are better able to respond accordingly. Theory of mind develops as children gain greater experience with social interactions.

“Thoughts become things… choose the good ones. Mike Dooley therefore, as he said don’t trap on your thoughts and ruin your life always choose good thoughts that will help you in your life. Choose your thoughts wisely.


Basically all person’s thinking depend on our mind that what are you thinks.

Because of all people are mostly thinking about our life this is fact for all person.

Before thoughts we are think that who are perfect or not in my ways.

Above all this statement are true in my ways because this is feeling well for all person.