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The Teachers hub

The Teachers Hub, When we talk about education in this era. we only talk about digital education. Because in such years we understand that “ Life is unpredictable” and we also believed. Only school, College going is not enough. Nowadays, mostly students want individual attention. So, they want tuitions. But this era we are not able to take offline classes regularly. So, here is the solution for those students that is The Teacher hub.

It is an application which is an advance home tuition app develop to fulfil the need of all those looking for tutors to  help them out. It provides over a thousand home tuition requirements over month. Here, you will find best teachers and instructors to fulfil our mission of providing the best tutors in a go for those seeking knowledge and education. Don’t waste you time to searching tutors profiles and taking demo and wasting your time. Here, you will get your best tutor in just a few clicks. From academics and competitive exams to yoga, music, dance, art & craft and any language.

Founder of TTH app use Teachers

Sweta Agarwal is the founder of the Teachers hub. She is designate as a co-partner and director in her esteemed organization. Saurav is also partner in this. This app started in 2018. She is a self-made entrepreneur. She is a fierce and determined woman who  started her journey with struggle. Just after some years, The Teachers hub was awarded as the best Ed- Tech Company in Eastern India in 2019.

Sweta started with her career all alone from home itself. As you already knows hard works pays you best when time comes. She decided to expand her business by forming a team and then she appointed a Saurav as a partner. Sweta is the passionate and driven face of the Teachers hub. She believes in simplicity and hard work. She has seen a lot of struggles in her life but she become a strong woman. Sweta is a true believer said that a life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing something.

Benefit of Teachers hub app

  • Using this app you will get so many benefits that will be reliable for your studies.
  • At the present time more people are going in teaching hub platform. Because they are very way for learning.

Accurate found

It gives you what you want to match with it. This app matchmaking algorithm has been developing by our experts to find the most suited tutor for you based on your requirements.

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Here, you get fix prices to facilitate sheer transparency. You can make easy payments online or TTH app.

Complete satisfaction

Here, you get complete satisfaction. It means you are completely satisfied with your tutor and your experience. You will also replace your tutor in case you do not like your current tutor.

Numerous solutions at one destination

Here, you provide expert tutors on various subjects and areas at study- academics, boards, competitive exams, yoga, Zumba, dance, languages etc.

Real reviews

This app offers real reviews and testimonials by our customers to facilitate correct decision making on your part. It track your tutor’s performances consistently and gather your reviews for the same purposes.

Self – assessment

You will get benefit to take regular chapter – wise tests on this app to monitor your advancement and judge your learnings.

How it works To the Teachers?

  • The first step towards finding any app search on play store and install the app. From academics to any passion or where you have interested, you will find answers to your home tuition.
  • Secondly, you have to send it a brief of exactly what you are looking or searching for and then it automatically finds out your  the ideal home tutor in the desired subject.
  • After searching your subject, results will be displayed where you will find suitable tutors and browse their profiles to pick the best among them.
  • Once, You are done with your desire tutor. You can schedule your demo class when you will complete your payment of the required registration charges.
  • After completing this process you satisfied with your tutor matched for you, you can hire the tutor to begin your journey together.
  • When your journey begins with TTH, its team started to regularly tracks the performance of your tutor and gathers your reviews to ensure that your tuition works properly.