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The Teachers cast is a British television comedy-drama series, created by Tim Loane and originally shown on Channel 4. The series follows a group of secondary school teachers in their daily lives. the cast includes starring Andrew Lincoln, Adrian Bower, Raquel Cassidy, Naveen Chaudhary, Nina Sosanya, Gillian Bevan, Ursula Holden-Gill, Lloyd Mcguire, Ellen Thomas, Tamzin Malleson, James Lance, Vicky Hall, Lee Williams, Mathew Horne, James Corden.

The country of origin is the United Kingdom. Its original language is English. It contains the phone number of the series. It has 40 episodes. Endemol UK  is the distributor of the series. Channel 4 is the original network. Its running time is about 45 to 50 minutes. The ending theme was the boy with the Arab strap by Belle and Sebastian. The executive producer was Jane Fallon. Tiger aspect production where’s the company.  Its original release was from 21 March 2001 to 22 December 2004.

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Series of the teachers

 In the first series, probationary teacher Simon Casey [ Andrew Lincoln]  is the protagonist, the latest series have an ensemble cast. The cast changes dramatically, with few original characters remaining from the four series. While some of these disappearances are explained, others are not. The first 3 series are set in the fictional summer down comprehensive, which merges with another school in the  4 series to form Watkins school. 

The first three series were form at the former would go. Also the Fourth was held at the former Lokleaze school in Bristol England. Teachers were nominate for 6ft awards between 2002 and 2004 and were nominate for best comedy-drama at the British comedy awards in 2003. In January 2005, after a muted reception to the four series, channel 4 announced that teachers would not continue for a fifth series. A short-lift American version was aired in 2006. The series is also available on all four and Pluto TV steering services. Sisma 2020 the series has been available on Australian Netflix and other streaming platform.

Characters of the teachers

The first character is Andrew Lincoln, who is also the main character. The actor’s name in the series is Simon Casey who teaches English to the students. He is shown to be less than forward about most aspects of a job, he was good friends with Brian and curt but his best friend was Susan. She helped him through most of his problems, and he expressed deep remorse for not being there for her in episode 6 of series 1. He becomes attracted to her in one episode of the second series but still maintains their closeness. Returned briefly in series 3 very much as a supplier teacher in the 43 episodes, where he admitted that he spent his time travelling at his dad’s house in Bristol.

Adrian Bower

 Adrian bower was seen in series 1 -3, his character name is Brian Steadman who teaches physical education and geography. In the beginning, she was a P.E teacher but later she became a Geography teacher. She was a mysterious League killed off between the third and fourth series in a car crash, later Lindsay. Penny and Bob visit the grave in episode 1 of series 4.

Naveen Chaudhary was seen in the 1-3 series. His character name is Kurt Mckenna and teaches information technology to the students. He was more intelligent than Brian. He quit smoking when he was trying to woo a parent, very desperate to have sex with anyone. It also killed off between the third and fourth series, apparently in a car crash involving Matt.

Raquel Cassidy was in the 1-2  series. She was a psychology teacher Who was separated from her husband and divorced later. She moved on with her fellow teacher jenny. Susan appeared to be good friends with everyone and even got on with many of her superiors. Her best was a sign, and she acted as his psychologist most of the time.

Nina Sosanya Character of the teachers

Nina Sosanya Character name is Jenny Paige who teaches English. She arrived in series 2. With repetition for making disastrous choices in men, she had a 10-month affair with Matt, a letter relationship with Anthony Millington. She has had breast augmentation. Nina Sosanya also tries to manipulate her colleagues’ bike wrapping to get herself out of trouble. She ended up with Anthony Millington at the end of series 4, after an ongoing affair throughout the series.

Tamzin Malleson was see in 2-4  series. Her character name was Penny Neville, the teacher’s English to students.  She had several Extramarital affairs including a 10-month relationship with a penny. l a short-lived affair with Lindsay. He attempts to deny his true feelings for Lindsay. The character was kill off between the third and four series in a car crash.

 Shaun Evans got the character name John Paul Keating who teaches modern foreign languages. He was special and originally mistaken for a sixth former. He is the show’s only man who was an actual character and is extremely social with everyone. It is a place without explanation between series 2 and 3. e E7 was also extremely jealous of him as he replaced Simon as the person who gets the most attention.

Supporting character of the teachers

Vicky Hall was see in 3-4, named Lindsay Pearce who teaches biology. You are extremely popular among the male members of the group. Lindsay in a sense replaced the void left by Suzanne. Lindsay also embarked on a brief affair with mat after much Sexual tension between the two. He and his relationship with Matt and return to his wife. She was also know to outdrink out Bells and Digital better than the boys at everything.

Lee Williams, a character name Ewan Doherty who teaches English.   He was the head of English at Watkins school. Mild-mannered, skirt chaser in the series. He was a subject of a heated campaign after losing his position to him when the two schools merged. Shares a flat with Damien and Ben, and maybe he saved what kid from closure by seducing the inspector.

Mathew Horne’s character name was Ben Burkett who teaches religious education in the school. hypochondriac. At one point I thought that he would be dead after being foretold by an Ouija board as a child. Change religion multiple times a day at one point in an attempt to please all the words of different religions. He will surely decide it was impossible to keep them all happy and that it was best to just ignore them.

About Educational Institution


 There are about  4 soundtracks in the whole series.

 Teachers: A class soundtrack

 He : B back to school

 Teachers: C a new term

 Teachers: D top of the class

Cast importance and validation

 Teachers had certain things that they maintained through every episode this included:

The appearance of animals, particularly donkeys in unusual places. Other scenes include lions, Penguins and sheep. In all such appearances, the teachers and students are completely oblivious to these animals. Our staff room sees it early in the episode, usually within the announcement by the headteacher Claire to set up one of the plots or premises of the episode. The name of the day is written in a variety of ways in the scenery. A proper body adornment. smoking a lot of the scenes in all episodes, primary to the first 3 series, feature members of the ka smoking as the Banta.

The pub is the setting where nearly every episode of teachers starts, usually with the teachers having immaturely themed conversations. Every episode featured contemporary music, used with clips of at least five. One particularly ridiculous episode revolves around a teacher jokingly accused of racism during racial awareness week.

What issues

What issues are an hour of cringe-inducing and racially insensitive scenarios for the Teachers to stumble their way through? Which has much Grace and thoughtfulness as a ram raider driving through a storefront. The series finale takes place on the day those wacky new teachers have come up with a plan to fool an of sted inspector and it ends up with a Christmas themed wedding which, of course, takes place on school grounds, or where else? with one of the teachers marrying a mail-order bride. After all that, it remains one of life’s great mysteries as. why another series was never commission. We have a small favour to ask,  four in an Era when the US was still sending overly weekly dozes off friends and Sex and the City,  teachers were refreshingly non Shiny.

Theme Play

There was no living in Swiss Apartments on the tiny salaries or wearing fancy outfits on the profits of one singular Kolam. Instead, there were horrendous hangovers, people living in cars, people living with their father, and people living in Theni flats. There was no date-time trip to the coffee shop,  or evening spent drinking fancy cocktails. There were ninety trips to the pub. Where appropriate conversations were had and to Many chief beers were consumed. As a six former I did you watch and despair that my life was never going back to look like that in a few years- time.

I realised that my life was probably going to look exactly like that in a few years. After all, what was I going to do with that English degree that I plan on getting? Still, I told myself, at least I could look forward to a life with a decent soundtrack- 1 happy on the post-brit-pop Indie. And it had been fill with Surreal humour, many sneaky cigarettes, and was turning up at random. People are too busy smoking and drinking for work to do that. and that was the brilliance of teachers.

People we put in charge of educating

It showed that people we put in charge of educating the new generation are bumbling along just as much as the teenagers are. None of them was fire, sure what they were doing, or what the hell they were going to do next. there was still dealing with cliques and social politics and general divides. Simon and the cool kids of the staff room were just the 5 from the back of the school bus. with a few extra years And a bit of authority. They had to do just about anything to avoid having to spend time with the middle-aged side of the staff room. Just as much as Simon tried to convince them that he was still young and trendy, the actual cool kids didn’t want to have anything to do with him.

It so that while we make it bigger, we never do grow up. And then in 2004 channel 4 cancelled the show. At the time it was blame on declining ratings following the latest casting reshuffle, but I like to think that it’s because all the best British comedies only last a few series. none of this decade-long run of staff that the Americans got the info. Swift and efficient. That’s how we like or comedy. With a couple of donkeys thrown. The ground-breaking C4 drama series teacher celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. It featured young people smoking, acting and not taking themselves too seriously with teachers acting more like pupils and staff. The fresh face cast has gone on to bigger and better things in the two decades since. so we are calling the register and asking where they are now?


Some went on to find fame in soaps while others migrated across the pond to become superstars in the US. Let’s take a look at some of the famous faces from the hit show. Andrew Lincoln is now use in the US and over here because of his role as Rick Grimes in the hit Zombie series The Walking Dead. Andrew was already a famous face, having a  lovable egg in this life during 1990. You also made a memorable appearance as Kiera Knightley at least accepting a friend in love actually in 2003. 

Elsewhere, strong women border on the terrifying- Liz, the school secretary, ruled over everyone and made certain they knew it. The headteacher at the terror-inducing gravitas of general smoke. Man-child Simon just couldn’t cope with this woman except when as in the case of fellow English teacher Jenny. And yes sex or rather the lack of it was at the heart of the show. While most of the characters may have been pretty off for some shaking in the stationery cupboard, no one managed it. The two most sexually frustrate men in all of the best countries when people did get laid. It was in a true to life Manne. Good reasons for not the kind of decision that get made at the school. but the sudden departure Sword. At the end of the search series, most of the remaining Khas got kill in a car crash.