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Teaching channel

It is (Teaching channel) a platform, where teachers can make videos for their ideas and inspiration and deliver professional development videos for teachers over the internet, It was launched in 2011. This website was started for educational purpose. It highlights inspiring, motivating, and effective teaching practices in America’s schools. You can take full advantage of this website by subscribing. It and then you can use materials what teaching channel offers.

This site won many awards and it is recognized by well innovative practices.  Here, you can watch, share, and learn diverse techniques to help every student grow. There is reason behind everything and that’s corporation site is to revolutionize how teachers learn, connect and inspire each other.

It has three main goals to run this site first is building it gives teacher to build their profile professionally, it improve the learning and opportunities of teachers it praise the teachers in society. In this website it covers a variety of subjects and topics for teachers at all grade levels from kindergarten to high school. The topic list includes planning. It has also collaboration with another innovative companies to deliver videos on.

How teaching channel works?

It works similar as other sites work and what parents do for their child. First, they categorized the topics or classes and for that according they upload the videos, personal experience, practice based library. From this platform teachers can record, upload, and tag their own videos to a group or a personal workspace. Teachers can use any app to make videos. It works as a team to analyze, tag, and discuss classroom footage.

The platform gives teachers to tag them. It also allows the teachers to create the school specific video library of best practices. They are used by individual teachers looking for ideas and inspiration. It can use their profiles to support lesson planning, by saving ideas they find in videos or resources on the web and tag them according to the concepts and it helps they will be teaching in the future. They can also explore themselves. If some teachers don’t want to reveal their identity they can also make private Id.

Teachers Help by this platform

It is a very wide platform that helps teachers as well as students to explore themselves. It supports the high level teachers to easily interact with low level teachers and help them to understanding what they have to improve for teaching. This tool is not only helpful for some teachers but it can be use by all schools, all teachers. For teachers it can also used to get feedback on their videos. They can discuss anything here related to child studies.

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Advantages of teaching channel

  • It s the best platform for educators to connect, learn and improve themselves through videos.
  • It helps low level teachers to give feedback by professional teachers.
  • Nowadays, online video assisted learning is a new trend in the education industry as it provides interesting way to learn and understand complex concepts and subjects.
  • It helps the teachers to easily create an educational videos by sitting anywhere.
  • Videos uploaded in this channel is only related to education and it helps students learn effectively for free as well.

Well for teaching style for Teacher

Teachers can focus on themselves to improve their teaching way when they get feedback then they work on it.

It is the best way to upload educational videos that are 10 minutes or less is the best way to exactly use or share what you need to make learning easier for your students.

Teachers can effectively create a short and lots of detailed information videos for related to any admission process, or any event so, it helps the child to understand easily.

Most of the schools, colleges can promote their videos by using this channel.

You can easily save notes also by clicking save to my resources and then add note and it can easily exportable to your notes page.

One important advantage that without guardians or students permission they will not upload any students video.

It can deepen and improve so many opportunities for teacher learning. They can also celebrate teachers in our society.

It helps the possibility of students to make their good future. By using this channel teachers simplify the complex lessons and try to make as easy.