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Stock market is a place where  anyone can buy and sell stocks of any kind. It  is  mainly divide into two popular exchanges or so called markets. The first one is National Stock Exchange and second one is Bombay Stock Exchange. These exchanges works as a platform where any individual can buy and sell their favourite or trending stocks such as Reliance, Adani  Enterprises etc.

The market is so immense and volatile that any single individual will end million bucks in a single day. In the era of  rapid pace, the Bombay Stock Exchange is the first and largest securities market in India and established  in 1875. Whereas the National Stock Exchange was recognized and approved by SEBI in April 1993 and started operating in 1994. These are two pillars on which Indian stock market stands and live purposely.  The founding father of NSE was R.H. Patil and not only that he also settled up NSDL, National Securities Clearing Corporation Ltd, Stock Holding corporation.

Securities And Stocks Market

These things as securities and stocks are vague and all popular all over the world. The platform is unique in its own because, it is revolutionary and much approachable to the general public earlier only hedge funds, banks, foreign institutions, and big investors who move the market  significantly but now retail people you and I can also easily invest and trade on our own. But tis field needs quite a lot mental strength cause if you don’t know how to handle your emotions such as greed and fear and every single time you invest if it goes  against you your blood pressure and heart beat will move very fast and with great volatility. One must be very careful and  attentive when it comes to investing and trading cause this is not child play keep in mind ,you will not survive a single day.

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The very first stock exchange started back in 1773 ,in  London. They traded because there were no currency or coin to pay in exchange of products and materials. This was the easiest way to  get what you want in exchange of what you have. And  then the Britisher  were active in their industrial revolution and now trades are going on large scale and countries come together and created  these big exchanges so that each one get equal  freedom to give a try to the market.

As market is being notice and merchants were finding ways to trade stocks and bonds. Which became the origin of what we know today New York Stock Exchange NYSE. As in other parts in was becoming popular and common trading was initiate and another stock exchange  in America  was creating namely NASDAQ, National  Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations. In 1992, it joined with the London stock exchange therefore, a international securities market evolved and a large number of  traders attracted and more liquidity and volatility was guaranteed.

The new retailers were baffling to the returns and the losses incur while trading most of them treated the market unpredictable and similar to gambling,  if you are lucky you get good return otherwise there was a whole  phase were traders  use astrology and directions of the moon and stars or planets to predict on whom to go long or short, it became an entertaining game for the newcomers 99% of them lose every single penny they have in their pocket some go even the breakeven and risk every single penny and their houses, properties, animal stocks and what else everything.

Stock Market shifting

The perception about the market was shifting the result was not good. Everyone was given their final decision and treated worse than gambling. After the 80s and late 90s  new people started attracted and giving up their older traditional approach and give it a new try and why not without doing it or trying it how do you know what is right and false?

The physicality of stock market is very simple prices are going up and down all the time u have  to give your decision to sell it or buy it, the prices can go only up and down and no other way, so it was most of the time 50/50 some observers and market fanatics produced technical indicators which worked some of the time can’t rely on completely. All these happened in the early eras of stock market, extremes happen all the time.

It has posted a limitation on the new targets of markets a big pause. Each one think as  a well of money but no one even tried to learn a single thing about the market, and without a sufficient observation and learning one can not understand  its movements   or about anything,  one should  be passionate and intellectual minded to enter the horizon of market and be successful. At times the imagination of minds create a havoc in one life. It comprise of technical and fundamentals  so one should not feel missing out of any particular knowledge.

BROKERS IN Stock Market

The brokers are brokerage platform which help individuals to access  the financial markets and invest in their particular portfolios as according to their short term or long term financial goals.  The more volume put in markets, the more competition comes and rule. The term Trading  is used to speculate  the market short term view. It is many brokers in our country such as Zerodha, Fyers, Angel broking, Upstox, Icici securities, etc. These are every single bank are brokers who let you help and suggest to build your portfolios.


Out of all in those person. It is the best and most popular use by across India and almost 10+ millions people. You might ask why to choose this and not others?

It is a multi year run as the best brokerage account for its  client focus approach. They have their own digital app which takes about some couple of minutes to open an account.  These are some of the following steps to open an account.

It is most important point

  • 1.Go to the play store in search bar type Zerodha, you will find the app install it.
  • 2. Open the app you will see written open an account , click on   it and start the program. It is necessary documents for digital verification at home, are Aadhaar card, Pan card, cheque book, driving license. If you have any personal bank details and your necessary approval. All the terms and conditions of the brokerage which you have to accept to open an account.
  • 3. It fill all the details and cross check. It many times because once you submit. Your personal data it is correct and you have to eventually open an new account in other brokerage. Once the data registered it will be very difficult and hectic to talk and correct those data.
  • 4. It1 or 2  working banking days your account will open and login Id and password will be sent your register email Id. Now you are welcome to the trading world which will a different matrix of his own. This app user interface is amazing and very easy to use just one swipe to buy or sell.

Brokers part of business

These brokers are a part of  business  just like everything in technological world, whatever you earn by trading you have to give so many types of taxes and regulation charges some of them are GST, SEBI charges and every time you place buy or sell orders you have to give sum of money depends on quantity and margins. The government earns a fifty amount by their particular charges. The regulatory body i.e., securities and Exchange Board of India. According to their annual reports their total expenditure rose to Rs 588.14 crore in 2020. All thanks to big investors and hg managers wo have contributed a lot in the milestone of Sebi earnings.

Our financial markets are one. Its is others nation markets have reached a certain milestone but tour market have the capacity and power to rose higher than any markets. Zerodha means shortcuts to success. Its was founded in 2010 not long ago by Nitin Kamath. He was born in Shivamogga, Karnataka, his father was  an executive with Canara bank. It told in an interview that he  also started trading  since the age of 18 or 19 . He get into trading by his own observation and driving interest when he saw some interviews of famous and popular traders showing their p/l and their luxurious cars and houses and talking  about millions  and billions.

Young Passionate Teenager

As a young passionate teenager it was something great and imaginary things  started and began trading, after couple of years he failed and not become profitable trader    and later on he joined  an  international call center  where he earned a good amount of money and started observing the markets which  have taken all his money and slowly slowly  he observed a big lag between the communication of the retailers  and the brokers. There were only physical brokerage and they too are very slow and misleading a times. The  idea takes time in execution and they funded their idea and started Zerodha  which became their success to millions and billions .

After some time his brother Nikhil Kamath also joins as co- founder and he became a successful trader. These guys make about 100 crore in  year 2020. The stock market will make you rich if you follow him carefully and respect. The  supremacy of  the market cant be denied it is way above the gradual understanding of a common man you have to give your whole life and heart to understand anything completely.