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Psychology Social Science

When we talk about Psychology social science, there is a debate that psychology comes under social science or Science. The discipline of psychology, how it relates to other Sciences such as Biology, physiology, chemistry etc. And social science such as anthropology, sociology, etc.  The word psychology comes from two Greek words “psyche” meaning mind for soul and logos meaning knowledge or explanation.

The study of the combination of these two words refers to the meaning of the study of the mind for soul said by (Weiten 1998).  In this era, we refer to psychology as the systematic study of mind and behavior. Behavior refers to actions and responses that we can directly observe. Mind refers to internal states and processes such as thoughts and feelings that cannot be seen directly.

They believe that psychologists

Most people have doubts they believe that psychologists mainly deal with abnormal behavior and mental illness but this is not in his case the scope of psychology is broad and more complex and it also includes the study of animal behavior as well as human behavior.  The discipline of psychology has evolved the biological and social science as well.  When we talk about psychology as science psychology overlaps with other scientific fields surges, including biology, neuroscience and Physiology.  And when we talk about Psychology as social science psychology overlaps with the disciplines of anthropology and sociology.

Psychology is also a social science because it studies the people who lived within society and how societies rules and regulations influence people that’s how people behave and work.  There are so many questions comes to mind when we consider psychology as a science for example how do experiences influence our thoughts and behavior? how humans effect by other human behavior? how do people different social and cultural backgrounds influence the way of living? and many more questions. 

Psychology as a science

Psychology is a science because it follows the empirical method.  It is a discipline does have the accuracy value.  This is, so because whenever the psychologist has to carry out your test for example personality test memory test etc.  Our experiments to form theories to measure the behavior of the population by their thinking. It is also so sure that the results of experiments are the scoring of the test are not affected by human bias and thus the objectivity E value is also Incorporated.

About The Father Of Political Science

Whenever any psychologist comes up but some of the Other findings then that is not immediately termed as theory.  Psychologists also carry out the same experiment and the results are then matched only after verifying the theory of the result is formulated then, we can see the skepticism value also. Now it is the result of one psychologist Varies from what the majority have got,  then that the psychologist is very much open to accepting her his finding as inaccurate and supporting the correct result.  So, psychology covers the value of open minus as well.  Therefore, we agreed that psychologist is scientific because it shows and covers all the values required by any discipline to be called scientific.

The scope of modern psychology

The scope of modern psychology stretches from the borders of medicine and the biological Sciences to those of social science. As we all know biological creatures living in a complex social world,  psychology studies and varieties of factors to understand why people behave, think, or feel as they do.  Sometimes diversity of factors seems very overwhelming.  But there is a framework that will greatly simplify matters it is known as levels of analysis it means that the behavior and its causes can be at the mind at the biological level.

For example,  the brain processes genetic factors etc. Then, because of psychological level for example thoughts, feelings and motives and in last comes on an environmental level, for example, past and current physical and social environments to which we are exposed. Just try to understand with an example eating.

Talks about at the biological level

When it talks about at the biological level of analysis various chemicals, neural circuits and structures in your brain respond to bodily signals and help to regulate whether you feel hungry or full.  When it talks about at the psychological level of analysis your mood, food preferences and your motives for effective eating. And in last when we talk about the environmental level of analysis such as the appearance of different foods that may trigger your eating and to cultural customs that influence our food preference. Due to this example, you will understand how psychology does not only work in psychological discipline but is also affected by biological and sociological influences. 

Deals with humanities

Many areas of psychology have dealt with the varieties of humanities. It identified through researches and predictions psychology has a lot to deal with social cognition the way people think, perceive and behave. It is directly influence by the social environment in the same way human behavior. Also fit social surrounding because it’s human being live in a society. There are so many researches and reviews that can be divided into observations case studies hypothesis. There are so many colleges that classified psychology as social science and find both. Psychology deals with the human mind and behaviour bridging the divide between social science and natural science.  psychology measures study human development, social behaviour and emotions, which draw on social science methods.

Mind-body and nature-nurture interaction

What do you understand by the mind-body interaction?  The relation between mental processes in the brain and the functioning of other bodily systems.  Mind-body interaction focuses our attention on the fascinating interplay between the psychological and biological levels of analysis.

There is one question which is mostly asked by people that. They are behavior primary ship by nature or by nature.  Currently, e most important modern research increasing which reveals that nature and nurture interact with each other.  For humans and rats alike continually depriving a newborn of physical contact for providing a newborn. Within an environment in which to grow can influence said brain functioning and biological development. 

How is psychology link with other social-science disciplines?

Psychology is link with another social science discipline.  Without understanding the psychological aspects of an individual it is difficult to analyse social issues.  As Karl Pearson said that the relationship between sociology and social psychology is too close,  that they are not two separate sciences. 

Psychology and political science 

Psychology as a behavioral science regards politics as one of the important aspects of the study,  it also studies the political interest,  level of participation in politics,  political behavior and relationship.  It studies all aspects of political science as it’s the specific motivation of individuals towards politics a political agenda.  If you have to understand the political complications so, it is necessary e to understand the psychological aspect of an individual. For example,  if you want to know the strategy of politics like who is going to win this year so, if we study the psychological aspect we predict easily who is going to win the election. 

Psychology and economics

 As you all know the economy is much more important for all of us. both psychology and economics are Social Sciences because both have common areas to study for example human beings and economic activities.  Nowadays psychology and economics focus on some aspects such as lack of proper facility, level of occupation, types of luxurious goods, unemployment etc. If we go dip in these disciplines then we see most of the time the problems and Society arise due to the economic factors I am in its normal nowadays.  If you want to solve this problem then we have to understand the nature of social problems. Through the study of economics and psychology. Therefore, both of these disciplines are interrelate or overlap. 

 Psychology and philosophy

If you talk about philosophy and psychology then it is the most controversial on own interrelated disciplines.  It increase the history of psychology it was the branch of philosophy. There are so many similarities between philosophy and psychology.  Psychology sometimes depends on philosophy for several reasons.  Philosophy gives psychology a general vision of Being Human.

This is the basis for a good part of psychological theories. philosophy sentence uses scientific methodology to achieve its objects.  philosophy has contributed some topics to psychology such as sensation, perception, memory, intelligence. Philosophy fits into psychology in two ways first is through the relative hypothesis, the mind, and proper ways of studying it.  The second is through the general principles underlying scientific research. There are so many therapies in psychology based on philosophical background.  For example,  Rogers client centered therapy. 

Psychology and sociology

There is a wide connection between these two subjects.  Both are concerned with the behavior of humans.  This is the only difference in that the perspective and focus of interest are different. perspective, while the psychologist focuses on the individual human behavior and the sociologist, focuses on the human group behavior.  Psychologists focus of interest is on an individual human being on the other hand sociologists focus is society and culture.

Social psychology brings discipline closer. It is the science of the behavior of the individual and society. it is with the mental process of Man, considering him a social being. It provides information regarding structure,  organization, the culture of societies of individuals to social psychology for a better understanding of human nature. There are so many societal problems such as Juvenile delinquency,  crimes, gambling etc.  It requires expert knowledge of social psychology.

Is psychology a natural science or social science?

 Natural Sciences study the natural world Such as matter,  energy and interrelations.  The subject that comes under these is physics, chemistry, biology.  We can use the hypothetical or detective method.  On the other hand, social science studies the social world such as human society and social relationships. The subject comes under these are history,  politics and Eco. Here,  we can use the descriptive method. 

Psychology is a science that uses the scientific methods of research.  It gives importance to objective analysis. The subjects are used physical and biological science mainly. This offers only MSc and BSc courses. It depends on scientific experiments. It works to collect data systematically to find out the cause and effect relationship between two events.

Psychology as a social science only focuses on the study of human behavior. Give importance to subjective experiences.  Here, we can use the subject of social and cultural sciences. It offers only M.A and B.Com. It studies the interaction between people. The studies the behavior of human beings in India social-cultural context. It considered human beings as social beings.