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Physical Education Aim

In this era,  physical education is one of the most exciting and dynamic subjects.  During the last 50 years, this subject has changed dramatically.  As you all know it has expand in so many fields and is consider as a subject from children to people of all ages. In an earlier time, it was only known as physical activities in school such as games, Sports, racing, Swimming, etc.  If you look at physical education in the Indian context.  After independence government launched so many schemes and activities for school children to participate in it.  But now Physical events are consider at the world level. 

What do you understand by physical education?

 It is an education that brings a healthy lifestyle and improvement in human health with the help of physical activities.  Physical education is not only about running, jogging, walking, climbing, etc. It was then consider as movement education as life begins from the movement only.  For example, the movement starts from the birth of a child,  till the end of life.

It is close to this related to so many fields like mental development,  emotional development, and social development. If you want to see or be physically fit then you have to be mentally sharp, emotionally stable, and socially well-adjusted. The concept of physical education is not new. But if you know the fact its roots come from ancient period. There are different meanings of physical education. In simple words, it is related to the movement of body parts and realizes the benefits at the mental level.

  Definition of physical education

 According to the ministry of education and national planning for physical education.  It defines that the aim of physical education must be to make every child physically, mentally, and emotionally fit and also to develop the personal and social qualities that will help to leave healthily.

 In ancient India, a Sanskrit stated that “ sharir server Sambhavo Dehe”.  The national plan of physical education in  1956  stated that physical activities should make the child physically, mentally, and emotionally fit and develop personal and social qualities to live happily with others and will the good citizen.

According to the central advisory board of physical education is the process of education through physical activities. It is the development of the total personality of the child to its fullness and perfection in body, mind, and spirit.

Charles A. Bucher has defined physical education as “an integral part of the total educational process is a field of endeavor which has its aim-  like all state the development of physically marked emotionally and socially fit”.

According to American Airlines for health physical education in education through physical activity. Which is selected and carried as about volume and human growth development and behavior.

Therefore,  as you see all these definitions.  It is conclude that the development of all personality traits such as physical, social, mental, emotional, etc.

 Aims and Objective

Do you know what is the purpose of physical education?  Do you know why physical activity is doing necessary?  And people have so many questions regarding this.  If you are doing physical exercises or you play any game regularly then you must know the importance of physical education.  It targets and focuses on the human personality. It’s only a message to make every human being physically mentally and emotionally fit.  But to achieve this fitness you have to work hard and do regular exercise.  Efforts are more need it for the individuals and groups to participate and situations that a physically wholesome.

There are so many aims for studying physical education:

Mental Development

 It refers to the ability to think and critically solve the problems which we face on the daily basis. Do you know who don’t regularly meditate they don’t face any mental illness?  It is necessary to receive knowledge about body movement, health, fitness, sanitation, nutrition, and diseases. That may be connect to our mental development. As you all know in this generation mental peace is more important and individual should to mentally fit.   A mentally fit person can always make wise decisions at right time. It has to deal with a person’s ability to think,  importance critically solve problems. A person must act skillfully and strongly in all situations of life. 

Nowadays,  schools and colleges conducted so many activities that it will benefit the student’s mental fitness and physical fitness as well.  The cognitive aspect is related to the processes of perception, memory, judgment, and reasoning as well as emotional processes. The proper and top-notch abilities of individuals to use their brain accurately and think, ok for processing information and acting accurately and properly.  A proper healthy brain helps everyone conquer anything in the technological world. To master a new skill or pass a competitive exam.  Sound mental health plays an important role in shaping your daily activities. It makes us complete human beings. the engagement in the various activities such as questioning critically,  involving selfish creative, and problem-solving activities. Engaging in games and sports regularly keeps us mentally active.

 Social Development 

It refers to not improving individually but improving society so they can reach their full potential and live happily in society. It refers to the feeling of belongingness, adjustment of group living, social relationships, and social adjustment.  Physical education provides so many activities that give opportunities to the children to fulfill their basic needs such as self-respect,  recognition, and love.  It’s necessary things which every child wants and if you will not provide these things then children feel isolated.  When these needs are fulfilled,  the individual becomes some when adjusted social person.  Children must participate in physical activities including games and sports.  By interacting with so many people children learn so many skills Such as  Corporation,  friendship, leadership, Team Spirit, and many more skills.  Children spend so many hours in school if they interact with these types of activities So they learn more.

Motor Development

 It refers to the neuromuscular relationship of nerve on a shelf to the one that connects the central nervous system but muscles.  To enhance the ability of the body to act, react and interact. It is necessary to exercise the muscles and nerves so our body becomes fit. Motor development strengthens the child’s bones, muscles, and ability to move and touch his or her surroundings.  It is very important to do this exercise with the very early life of a child.  It leads to the improvement in size, shape, efficiency,  etc. of various organs of body parts.  Do you know who is having good motor movements main form daily routine work very easily and effectively without feeling laziness and fatigue?  It also promotes sound health which enables an individual to become a valuable asset for the society and Nation. 

Moral development

 It is very necessary because no one is honest in this generation. Everything has a set of rules and regulations and it’s the duty of the individual to over them and follow them.  By following rules and regulations and playing honestly it becomes the moral duty of each player. Physical education also plays an important role in the moral development of a person. 

Health is commonly understood as a state of absence of disease. It is primarily focus on the ability of the body to function. It contains healthy, non-divisible, holy. In 1948, the World Health Organization defined it comprehensively as “  a state of complete physical, mental. and social well-being and not only the absence of disease”.  But nowadays health is now referred to as a state of physical, mental, intellectual,  emotional, and overall well-being. The ability to adapt and manage all kinds of challenges throughout life demands a young and fresh brain and mind. health indicates a sound body and a sound mind. it is also multidimensional- the dimensions being physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental.

Physical Education development

Physical development refers to the ability of the human body to function properly. It also involves exercises, health habits, a balanced diet, conscious eating, bone health, and body mass index. Anyone can maintain a healthy body by having properly balanced food, scheduled exercises, and avoiding bad habits such as eating junk foods, bad postures, or alcohol abuse. Bad habits make the body dull and stupid. The body has its intelligence which functions without the interference of the mind.

It knows what is right for it. But our mind for pleasure demands dominates that intelligence. Therefore it loses its freshness and becomes poor and unhealthy. Physical Wellness is the ability to maintain the quality of life that allows us to get through daily activities without undue fatigue or physical stress on our bodies. The body is free of and not suffering in doing any work which requires our body movements. It is considered a healthy body. Optimal Physical health consists of building physical strength, flexibility,  coordination ability, and endurance. One should also so take safety precautions including medical self-care air and appropriate use of medicines as well as protecting oneself from injuries and harm. To protect the body from diseases and minor illnesses. 

Emotional development

The emotional dimension of health is another important ability to adjust and adapt to our environment. If a human being is not able to adapt or become habitual of the environment in which he lives. It will become difficult to survive in the environment. A positive mindset and careful reasoning make a person powerful and successful. People used to say you become, what are you surrounded with? It means that the friends and family with whom you live and spend most time become one of those. So it is very necessary to choose intelligent and happy people. The techniques which help in having stable emotional health include; reading inspirational books, setting goals, learning how to deal with setbacks. acquiring characteristics such as hope, enthusiasm, and positive thinking.

Spiritual development

Certain belief systems exist all over the world. These spiritual beliefs will help the individual Discover and pursue their path which eventually leads to their own conforming belief and hopes. Generally, people often find their purpose form of belief and faith while others create their system of worship or belief. A person who has a purpose in life is said to be held there because the person has a goal. He has a direction and with direction, one can easily reach the goal. And others without direction can only look at the map but are confused as to which direction they choose.

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Environmental development

Environmental health inspires us to live a lifestyle that is beneficial for our surroundings. It encourages us to live in harmony with nature by protecting our environment and ecosystem. We both are interconnected and interdependent.  Nature depends on us, and we depend on nature. Our habitat, occupation, pollution all these kinds of things are in our surroundings and the places we live. If our surroundings are not clean or polluted. It will become hard for us to breathe our lives to the fullest because the toxic chemicals in the air

are preventing us from breathing properly and encouraging new diseases. A healthier planet leads to healthier inhabitants. Our internal environment refers to an individual internal structure in the form of genetic composition, which is very crucial in determining the health and wellness of human beings.

The environment

If you are genetically weak or deformed by nature. These factors include our family,  friends, neighborhood, community, have, all have any effect on health. The core principle of environmental health Wellness is respect for nature and all the species living in it. It is not mandatory to join the movement or organization but encourages you to practice habits that promote a healthy environment. 

The environment is an integral part of our life. When one realizes this our daily habits affect the environment. So improving our activities and turning them into environmentally friendly.  It will result in a good environment and overall surroundings. The activities have a great influence on a greener earth. We are dealing with the fragility of ecological and biophysical systems and their different functions.

Some vulgar activities such as deforestation, pollution, Greenhouse gas emissions. Our atmosphere and air quality are degraded. Water quality also is contaminated with toxic discharges and harmful chemicals. Emissions of air pollutants from all energy-related activities including electricity production and transportation. Some of the harmful Chemicals are sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, Ozone forming gases, carbon monoxide, and other fine particulates. The quality of emissions of air pollutants is an indicator.