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National Geographic has been for over 130 years old and has founded the best and brightest individuals to scientific discovery and understanding of this world. It was founded in 1888,  When 33 prominent scholars and scientists together established an organization.

National Geographic explorers everything from science to entertainment it covers all ground. The organization is here to save the world by educating every individuals who dwell on planet Earth. The world is full of wonders and beauty. If one observes this extra grandeur world, one would find everything . There is scarcity of humble explorers to quench the mysteries of earth.  Every time you gaze with the eyes something real takes places.

National Geographic Society of  Nat Geo

The Society of  Nat Geo  explored its first scientific expedition in 1890, led by Explorer Israel Russell, to survey and map the Mount St. Elias region in North America. That was an astounding and marvelous achievement in that era . It also created a burning passion in other novice explorers to go beyond this wonderful mountains. It has been a long journey but sincere steps has been taken and see now where are we stand now. The members say it just a beginning  and there is  more to come.

The millennials are now facing a great crisis. The world is falling apart as we observe this time. The time is running fast. It will not change a things because all time is merge in now this has to be really understandable. If we take immediate and necessary action now then the future will be different. The Earth must be transform or I say to take it back to its original form i.e, without deforestation, clear air, water and land, protection and no tension on animals by taking their shelter and region and transforming into agricultural lands. Everything will fall in its right place. Only if humans sincerely understand.  Its actions ultimate and deadly reactions which is destroying the world.

National Geographic Human living

Humans are living on this planets for thousands of years and still not clearly understand. The planets nature, some does have understand but slowly and with mass majority people not concern. They also forget all this and National Geographic has enabled and connected the different worlds to human. The organization is non profit funding by individuals and philanthropic movements. It has reached a milestone of millions of people worldwide supporting and understanding their work. The nature is a part of every living beings. We are all-together make the world no the fragmentary pieces and isolated things. The energy should not be wasted and utilize effectively and purposely. The researchers have explored so many great things beyond the skies into depth of the oceans and much more.

It continues to reach and resonate worldwide. They have stayed truthful to themselves and to the people. Their original mission is to pursue and celebrate exploration, scientific excellence, education and unforgettable storytelling  with gratitude  evolving in a fast pace world. As the world is changing rapidly with its never ending global reach and diversity. It celebrates the youthful and fresh minds coming into this revolutionary perspective dimension of understanding nature and its belongings. Its flaws and behavior simultaneously strengthening their foundation and embedding diversity of life. The incoming future is main focus and nature limited and infertile resources. Which is conserving and used mindfully so that the future generations doesn’t feel left out and vulnerable to its beautiful home. The missing out of certain things, animals, plants, resources.

National Geographic Our Focus

The national geographic team main focuses are land, wildlife, ocean, human history and cultures and human ingenuity. When humans first local to earth they know nothing about the nature slowly and with great curiosity humans learn little and every generation added a knowing layer of nature to the mind to its threats. What is necessary and what not?

As we go along, we will see that human encountered great many things and it s curiosity have taken itself to the place its stand now. The drawbacks are more disturbing and devastating of humans selfish attitude towards nature. Its selfishness will lead him to its grave.

It has ignited a deep arousing curiosity. Which man has taken seriously and followed to its very endings. The team of explorers, researchers and scientists are so obliged and full of burning desire to explore the world as its their ground. They use storytelling a fantastic way to educate and amuse the individuals. The education of the worldly things the animals the marine life and the those eagles flights are being captured. A deep observation of the respective beings were documented and verbalized and photogenic receptive eyes captured the beauty on televisions. The National Geographic channel on television is fun place to have. The beauty so astounding takes every single breath away with its 3 dimensions photography. They have given a great and respective place to our photographer s who are just curious wilders wondering every thing and capturing  the nature s day to fay movements.

Wildlife Photographers

The National Geographic social handle on Instagram and Facebook would be empty and meaningless if not these marvellous photographers have not given their beautiful shots. Which is sometimes to take immense time to take the perfect mind goggling shots , photography is not easy. One should be discipline and humble to learn the art of Photography. Learning anything takes time and energy, which every wannabe should have. The nature is very shy and so does its components such as  leopards. Once asked a national geographic photographer “what is hard learning or the work after the learning” of  which he replied “ look when you enter this vast land of wildlife. If you are aware and be very sensitive then the everything comes with flow but if you lack any human senses you are out of the game than it not hard easy, it s simple as that”.

You know as a human you just pursue it and it handles everything.  After that the human mind take cares of Just be mindful and aware of your surrounding and let the intelligence do his work. One must master the technical aspect of  a camera and lens then comes the creative real work. Which comes after the abandonment of the self. The beautiful works done by photographers are a camera sense of lifetime maybe. If we lost any of our beautiful and majestic species of flora and fauna at least we have them.  Some of the most spectacular notions of understanding and figural tactics.


National geographic has covered all wildlife of different regions across the world. For ancient of times, India was rich in flora and its fauna. It has approximately 90000 animal species. The nation has about 2000 species of birds. They constitute 13% of he worlds total. There are 2546 species of fish, which account for nearly 12% of the world s stock. It also shares between 5 to 8 percent of the worlds amphibians, reptiles and mammals.

Some  of the majestic animals are elephants, giraffes and tigers. The Indian continent is a miraculous place to exist and its thundering and thrilling climate. India have several species of monkeys such as baboons, langurs, macaques, etc. With the beginning of early 2000s. The majestic animal Tiger population was decreasing at a fast pace and the reasons behind that are mainly human selfish activities. As we all know that these animals are quite beautiful but they are being vulnerable and endangered by continuous poaching and taking control under their homelands and transforming into agricultural lands for their selfishness. The India is so diverse that it has both the gems lions and tigers.

Animals Are Quite

These animals are quite adaptive in the natural habitat, always directive and revengeful. Tigers live in one single family. Whereas lions live in prides. Where the  head of the pride  is  the male dominant lion. On the other half jaguars and leopards live alone in isolation and these particular animal is very shy in nature and rarely sightings are documented unless. You follow them to their habitual nature and continuous efforts are necessary as they ae  very sensitive can hear from very long distance.

The leopards are so agile  and strong their jaw is the ultimate weapon which put the prey to sleep. Quite a time in national geographic documentaries one can see that a leopard  taking down a caiman “a crocodile relative “. These are adamant like precision and capability which demand a great revolution in its own. In India tigers are found in the forests of Madhya Pradesh. The Sunder bans of West Bengal and the Himalayan region. Leopards too belong to the cat family.

The cat family mainly consist of  Lions , Tigers , Leopards , Jaguars  and panthers. These big cats are not genetically engineered and mutated like lion and tiger cross breeding result of their both combination is TIGER. These mutated animal is bigger than both the parents and physical features are light spotted and pale yellow. There are other rarity or say genetical disorders result in black leopard. Which is due to its more melanistic presence turns them black instead of their normal colleagues. On the other hand less or no melanin in lions result in white skin of the some individuals. There are some white tigers keep in zoos and wildlife sanctuaries.

There are many species of lions of which the Gir forest is the last remaining habitat of the Asiatic lion.

The African lions rule the whole of Serengeti and African regions. They have a quite cannibalistic inhumane nature  some are kicking their own species cubs  to reverse the natural cycle s of females to breed and reproduce their own off springs, not only. These geographers have done a great deal of research and observation with their documentaries and exploration on Migratory birds. These birds are magnificent and quite intelligent. Some of the wet lands of India are very memorable with migratory birds during winter birds like Siberian crane come in massive numbers to mate and reproduce their young ones. The scenery becomes worth watching because you see very large amount of birds shouting and producing their mating calls  building their own nests and attracting females.

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National Geographical Keys Point

  • To protect  the flora and fauna of the country, the government has taken many steps.
  • Eighteen biosphere reserves have been set up in the country to protect flora and fauna. Some are the Sundarbans, Nanda Devi, The Gulf of Mannar, The Nilgiri, Nokrek, Great Nicobar, Manas,  Simlipal,  Pachmarhi  and Achanakmar- Amarkantak have come under the world network of biosphere reserves.    
  • The world is sleeping and need to be awake because the way things are going on human and the earth will be doomed humans and plants and animals. We are connecting in so many ways we all are parts of the whole but humans don’t understand this and live  in their egoistic life.
  • Every  species have a role in ecosystem, therefore conservation of endangered species is essential. As we some of us know that excessive exploitation of plant and animals resources by human beings. The ecosystem has been disturbed about 1300 plant species are endangered and 20 species are extinct. Quite a few are rare and some of them were extinct.
  • There are many reasons behind that and the nature is suffering and feeling  vulnerable to human exposure. Human greed is one of the topmost causes behind the whole poaching business and rackets.

Greedy hunters

Greedy hunters hunt these rare and majestic animals such as lion and tigers  for money and sell to the big companies. Who make luxury clothing of their skins and some rich people want their livestock so that they can impress and others and feel superior and powerful. In leather industry there is applying demand of animal skin the more dangerous and rare animal is the most expensive. It sells ,such as venomous snakes skin are quite expensive  and in high demand. This all can come to an end.

Only if the demand of this things come to an total and complete end. Humans desire these things they want luxurious skins instead of normal fabrics that’s where the popularity of leather come into being. Every human want something beyond. Its reach and in the pursue of that it is destroying the nature ecosystem by excessive use and exploitation. National geographic have done commendable jobs. In this field of wildlife conservation, many wonderful and sincere steps. Were taken to expose this rackets and help man understand its reactions and disturbing nature of it.