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Memory :- How can work in our mind

Memory has the ability to take in information store it, and recall it at a later time. after that you solve all problem
retention of information over time for the purpose of influencing future action. Memory loss is means ,as like empty information.


Usually described as forgetfulness or amnesia. this is best powerful for memory thigs and depend on thoughts.
it is information processing system with explicit and implicit functioning that is made up of a sensory processor, short term (or working memory), and long term memory. (Craik and R.S Lockhart) has
influenced research since 1972.

Principles underlying the framework include the claim that the memory trace should be understood as a by product or record of normal cognitive processes. It add richness and context to our lives. It allow us to learn from experience and thus adapt to change environment.


It refers to the process that allow us to record, store and later retrieve experiences and
information. It allow us to learn from experience and thus adapt to change environment or it is
the information that we store such as name of our friend, place etc. For example- If a group of
participants are given a list of words to remember and asked to recall the fourth word on the list,
participants go through the list in order they heard it in order to retrieve the information.

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Three Process of Memory

The memory as a processing system that encodes, stores, and retrieves information. it is most important for all people .

This storing system is preferable for all memory and its is memories long time.

Models Of Memory

The models of memory was developed by Richard Atkinson and Shiffrin. They proposed that
memory consisted of three components; sensory memory, working (short term memory), and
long term memory. Why developed model of memory? this is developed because all are memory things stored in one place and it’s easy way finding all data.

Sensory Memory

It briefly holds incoming sensory information. It is the temporarily storage of sensory
information It has high capacity memory source. It can hold the information for less than one
second (vision) or a few seconds of (hearing).

Working Short Term Memory

A memory store that temporarily holds a limited amount of information. It has limited
capacity. It can hold the information less than one second (vision) or a few seconds hearing.

Components of working memory

Phonological loop-It briefly stores mental representation of sounds. For example-(phone
number by repeating it over and over. Episodic buffer-a temporary storage space where information from long term memory and from phonological and/or visuospatial subsystems can be integrated, manipulated and made available for conscious last central executive directs the overall action. It also may monitor the progress as interim steps are completed.

Long Term Memory

It is our vast library of more durable stored memories. It has been relatively permanent
storage. It has unlimited capacity. long term memory means this is very powerful and more effective in that time. as a given example if you have stored all knowledge for long then you have good knowledge compare other’s people that i seen in this time.

Information Processing Model

Memory is the set of processes used to encode, store and retrieve information over different periods of time. All type of mind are basically store data and represented all information to give other devices. is is uses all person without memory all function are not work i that time.


It refers to getting information into the system by translating it into neural code that your
brain processes.
For example- You may realize you are hungry and encode the following message to send
your roommate ‘I’m hungry. Do you want pizza tonight, as your roommate receives the message,
they decode your communication and turn it back into thoughts to make meeting.


Before It involves retaining information over time ,this refers to getting information out storage. if some people loss this type of memory , your storage loss already. this is more easy way understanding and storage all data in memory for some time. Storage means all , what is your capacity? this means, my memory gain more knowledge gain and how much stored.


Although It refers to process that access stored information.
For example-when you lose your keys down an elevator shaft and you get your
maintenance man to help you get them back. this is most important retrieval all human man.

In this portion tells that all people any things remember more time, according to this method.


  • A neural network has nodes that are linked to each other.
  • Each node does not contain an individual unit of information.
  • Each node is like a small information processing unit.
  • Nodes in neural network models have connections with many other nodes.
  • Node is most important for informative processing system.
  • items in memory is equivalent to the links between nodes in a network.
  • Where each node corresponds to a unique item in memory.


The ability to identify information as having been encountered previously. For example-a few
days after taking a foreign language vocabulary test , a student might recognize one of the test
words on a homework assignment yet be unable to recall its meaning. Recognition memory
pertains only to declarative knowledge factual material that is deliberately and consciously
accessed rather than to non declarative knowledge or other implicitly known information.


Forgetting refers to loss of information from long-term memory. We all forget things very
easily someone birthday, some important dates etc. The first systematic attempt to understand the
nature of forgetting was made by Hermann Ebbinghaus, who memorized lists of nonsense
syllables and measured the number of trials. He took to learn the same lists at varying time
intervals. The rate of forgetting is maximum is the first nine hours, particularly during the first
hour. After that the rate slows down and not much is forgotten even after many days.


  • Encoding failure- We are failure to encode some information from our long term memory.
    Here simply means we are not stored the deeply only we repeat the information and due to this
    we forget.
  • Another reason is that we don’t recalled the things by attention and not focus on that
    individual topic.
  • Decay of the memory traces- It refers to that with time and disuse the long term physical
    memory trace in the nervous system fades away.


This theory contradicts the multi-store( Atkinson- Shiffrin) 0memory model which represents
memory strength as being continuously variable, the assumption being that rehearsal always
improves long-term memory. They argued that rehearsal that consists simply of repeating
previous analyses (maintenance rehearsal) doesn’t enhance long term memory.
The course of forgetting (Herman Ebbinghaus) study that humans start losing the memory of
learned knowledge, over time, in a matter of days or weeks, unless the learned knowledge is
consciously reviewed time and again. A related concept to the forgetting curve is strength of
memory, which states that the time period up to which a person can recall any memory is based
on the strength of the particular memory.


Hypothesis 1:

Also Other factors remaining constant , the depth of processing of words will
influence the recall of meaningful words i.e. E4>E3>E2>E1, although this may be true for all person.

Hypothesis 2:

Other factors remaining constant, semantic processing of the words will result in
a better recall as compared to perceptual processing in both, immediate and subsequent recall
conditions. as a matter of fact for this method already.

Hypothesis 3:

Other factors remaining constant, three will be a loss of information, from
immediate to subsequent recall conditions. The loss will be highest under E1, E2 (perceptual)
and lowest under E3, E4 (semantic). at the present time this method are more effective for all.


In starting the participants was came in a relaxed mood after that when I talked about the
experiment then some of the participants were panic that it takes a lot of time I didn’t
understand the experiment etc. After that I had explained the entire experiment. we ask for
family health how our studies going on etc. no sooner ok than other things. This process are memory loss basically according to thinking. in this type of person forget some thig and memories some little time all things.


In this experiment subjects were chosen randomly I will called the subjects one by one in
my room and started explaining my experiment and instructions for their conduction. For
control conduction I will present the 20 words to you . each word only for 2 sec. you
have to look at the words and read it aloud and try to recall it after that those words you
have recalled write in a sheet of paper. After 20 min later I will again ask you and tell you
for writing the word. conduction is more important for all location it means idea. this is good for all person. it means if i give you some learning skill after some time i asked you some thing you reply me good.


  1. Instructions given to the participant were audible and clear.
  2. The room was adequately illuminated. not only this method but also all of true in that time.
  3. The environment was relatively noise fre
  4. At the same time we found more person take a precautions around me.
  5. As I have said precaution is more effective than medicine.
  6. At the instant of time we are more focus in this article.
  7. As I have shown above all data are real and true.
  8. As I have noted that all person are very careful in this time.
  9. Another key point for this method is more effectively.
  10. it is easy way understand all data and examine.