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Do you (JIDDU KRISHNAMURTI) guys know how to be free of your old conditioning, what are its implications? Don’t worry I am here to help you with my favorite psychological speaker Jiddu Krishna murti.

He was born on 11 May 1895 in Madanapalle, a very small town in our South India. In his family, he got one more sibling i.e., his brother. His name was  Nitya Nanda. Our speaker was different from a normal child. It has to do with the fact that he was selfless and no egoistic activity was observed. Many of his talks, he calls and addresses the reason behind it.

In the early years of his life

The early years of his life. He was suffering from malaria and points out that during those periods his consciousness was transformed. The disease has wiped out his ego. In the same period, Dr. Annie Besant and his theosophical society were touring  India and one of the members spotted the boy and instantly realized that he will be the world teacher. 

In 1882, the headquarters of the society was established in Adyar, near Madras in India. The society or was a philosophy combining mysticism and spiritualism with metaphysics. In 1929 however, Krishna murti renounced the role. He was expect to play and dissolved the order with its use following. The reason behind this was very personal and private but in many of his talks. It can be seen clearly. That was he doesn’t want to be someone’s teacher. He says everyone is his teacher, and should not follow anyone,  and doubt and question every single thing and with this reach the truth which is a pathless land.


“Truth is a pathless land: Man cannot come to it through any organization, through any dogma, through any Creed,  priest or ritual, not through any philosophical knowledge or psychological technique. He was eager to find out through the mirror of relationship, through the understanding of the contents of his mind, through observation and not through intellectual analysis or introspective this  dissection.

He has done enormous work. Which is estimate at more than a hundred million words 60 years of more or less uninterrupted appearances around the world. It contains personal dialogues and discussions, public talks, etc. He has written a good number of books such as education and the significance of life, freedom from the unknown, the awakening of Intelligence.

The first and the last freedom

The first and the last freedom and many more. The speaker died in January 1986 in the California United States due to pancreatic cancer. His lifelong works were very intriguing and realistic to our practical world.  He observes a great deal of Misery, havoc, and disorder in everyone life. To end all the misery, confusion and disorder. He started giving talks and making people understand the content of their consciousness, which is similar to all human beings.

Different because we all suffer go through a great deal of anxiety pain sorrow and always are caught in the web of thought.

The most beautiful thing in a human which is compassion and love for other humans has acted with its intelligence and understanding. He altogether realized we all are one and a complete and radical transformation is necessary to live in this world freely and happily.

He says there is no magic, formula, concept, or trick, only real inquiry and passion for understanding will take you to the reality of our consciousness and it’s dangerous. The life will live is very limit and full of pity and sorrow and to and this not gradually but fully completely. Start a new life that is different from the old one. then only the mirror of relationship will help every individual to look into themself .and see the reality of life if and its actions which are mainly based on conclusions, theory, illusions, and concepts.

What is Teach?

What do you mean by thought and what are its implications, uses, limitations, etc. People say a thought is the highest form of intelligence and action, the very salt of life, indispensable. It has created a civilization. Everything you see around yourself is technological built based on think. All of our relationships are based on it. And whereas if we humans think nothing. Or do nothing with thinking we are a waste and dull.

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So we are always striving, doing always acting, thinking, fighting, and saying what not our minds are always occupied with something or other. therefore it is very simple to put, that thought is the response of memory which is the past. the past is an Infinity or a second ago. when our thought acts in the past that is acting as memory, as experience, as knowledge, as an opportunity.


All our thinking is based on our past which is a conclusion and old. When you look in the world u see things with past thinking that is when you see a bird you don’t see it clearly,  what you see is the knowledge of it which is past and thought your brain recalls and says. It is a bird whatever the name of the bird is. When I am Awake, I think. When I’m asleep I think. The whole structure of my being is teach. Its roots live far deeper than I know. The thought creates pleasure and pain, appetites, longings, resolutions, conclusion, hope, fear, and questions. Thought commits murder and thought for gifts. so how can one go beyond it?

The meaning of the word and the understanding of that meaning is teach. That is necessary for life. There thought much to function efficiently. It is a technological matter. but you are not asking that thought is the very movement of life as you know it and it can come to end. The brain is the very source of thought. The brain is matter and thought is matter can brain with all its reactions and immediate responses to every challenge and demand can the brain still do not think at all.


The space is necessary for the transformation of things In that space, there was a Blackbird, green tea, the blue sky, the hammering next door or,  children playing, the sound of the wind in the trees and my heartbeat, the total silence of the body.  Recognition of the Blackbird singing, then the brain was active, Where’s interpreting. It was not still and demands tremendous alertness and discipline, the watching that brings its discipline, the watching that brings its mindfulness, not imposed all broad by our unconscious. Desire to achieve a result.  It makes a repetitive pleasurable experience.

Therefore in the meantime thought must operate effectively, see and also watch self during the day. Not only this one must also be very aware uh of who is seeking the total silence of the mind. It a theme that is bring up by thought itself and formed a center that controls itself?  It is so stupid, and nonsense that is not observed by we humans. The inquiry and investigation Into the whole complex business of thinking. To go beyond thought is knowing what thought is similarly.

What is impossible JIDDU KRISHNAMURTI

If you want to know what is impossible you should know what is possible. Knowledge always lives within the shadow of ignorance psychologically inwardly. We are very primitive and tribal. thought is very materialistic it is the process of matter which is thinking. They are all trained, educated, religiously as well as scholastically. We are separate souls, individuals, striving for ourselves, but that is because we are not separate individuals fighting for our shelf.

This is over and Still not solved by us. Our consciousness is in Crisis both in the economic world political world as well as psychological world which is far more important to understand and go beyond it because our consciousness is what controls or she handles our outer physical world and if our consciousness comes in order then the outer social economic and physical world will be incomplete order and harmony, therefore, peace and love.


Life itself (JIDDU KRISHNAMURTI ) is a movement of relationships, but we humans try to manipulate control in most of the events of life. when someone flattered or insults us we COD it in our memory and from that memory and image next time meet the person. In that case. We don’t see the person you are meet the person but the image works as a filter or cotton. Which doesn’t allow us to see. The reality of the person but only the conclusion which is the image is seen. Positive and negative reactions ab li based on praising and insults.

The total awareness will lead to living and non-habitual life and no amount of discipline will do it discipline is not freedom from the known it is understanding of the known. For example, if you understand clearly that snake is poisonous and dangerous and can kill you. You understand it for your life you will never go close to the snake or any creature similar to snake your whole mood behavior feeling mind knows.

It is dangerous and venomous in the same way. When you see that thought. It is very limited and can operate sufficiently in technological matters. Then concert discipline is different from the so-called discipline.  Are you man cannot understand an idea without knowing what the other part of it is. The truth is without knowing what is false and what non-violence is without know what violence is.

An Intellectual Formula for JIDDU KRISHNAMURTI

It cannot be reduce to an intellectual formula for our brains, for eternity. He reduced to a major objective perspective. The movement during self-inquiry other than the past it there is the present it should be understandable and shall not delete. humans can only learn from the past and not from the present as the present is this very moment all introspection is a form of introspection.

 There are so many problems which affect our lives and behaviour. The curiosity and urgency to solve all problems of mankind are the go-to of Jiddu Krishna murti. It is a fact that all selfishness is painful and is vacant in the states of fullness. The states when you are really happy and deeply in love I and ego are not. Freedom is a state in which all the mean consciousness has stopped and ended because the duality indispensable to self-consciousness is no more. All our bad behaviour urges Desire longings come to an end and therefore something new takes place in our consciousness which is out of consciousness therefore new. It is only in the full Awareness of oneself that we can put an end to our shelf perpetuated torment.


The power of thinking is very powerful and provides us animals an amount of energy to act skilfully and continuously. The reason why we may consider ourselves higher in the order of nature is because of the indispensable matter which is thinking. Our mind is Misinterpret according to J Krishna murti. We are no more primitive humans, and survival Instincts have to be abandoned to achieve higher awareness.

If society has to remain truly human, it must be in a state of constant Revolution and Re-evaluation. The mind is being used for more. If he entered acquisitiveness and for personal growth and power. Intern lessening other opportunities which are made blind with the genetical and tribal fighting instincts and behavior. The thought has to bring flowered MI which brings a great mess and disorder to our human life. an organized society will always follow a hierarchy, understand the summer reality may exist, but not necessarily in the novel sense like that of an organic society.


 This world is full of chaos and it is the human being who misunderstands that he is part of that cross the cause and effect the Krishna murti also states that bringing the unconscious to the conscious is the first fruit of Intelligence. It creates the intelligence of the human level and no conflict. The conflict is the very source of division in the world. the conflict arises when there is Resistance and fiction in the mind. the entire mechanism of consciousness I will reveal itself. For that, it and uncontrollable awareness and non-division are necessary to keep up at taking without conflict and division.

We are the result of millions of experiences, conclusions, and survival stereotypes. Our whole mind works on two basic worthless principles which are pleasure and greed. The pleasure comes when thought takes over and like a feeling a moment our anything of its kind. it records in the brain. and one vacant the mind recalls it and Desire to feel that again. main it becomes repetitive and habitual and avoids other necessary e actions. the idea of a free mind is to look in word with this spaciousness and alertness. on doing so, so we free ourselves of The Thinker who catches us. Once the thinker is destroyed. The thought realized its place in the world and reality. then our actions will be altogether different it and hole which means healthy, sanely and holy. 


As a human being, Krishna murti points out that we all follow our relation blindly,  out of fear and conditioning. We never question or enquire why we believe in religion? what is the basic most region to have religion?

 The responsibility goes on to our elders who conditioners to believe our related without questioning or doubting about it. because of fear we have beliefs. Krishnamurthy states that a truly religious mind is free of fear, blind faith, and contradiction. All relation is follow by tradition, doesn’t matter effects 2000 years old or todays. A mind should be very clear about the investigation and scientific in its approach and not bound by something our influenced. the entrance mind is primitive and imitative.

It will never find something new or go beyond what is. religious matters make humans irrational and insane as we all can see e in our world how religion dominates and influence every single typical human being. For them, the relation is the most important thing in life. They can kill anyone if fingers are pointed out to the relation. It builds concrete walls of images about their religion and can’t see what is on the other side.

 Self-knowledge is very important to understand what is religious mind is and not the knowledge of the supreme self. In religion authority is supreme. It makes us imitative and dictates. The mind is the unitary movement of the tide that goes out and comes in. in and only that kind of mind which is free and inquiring can perceive what is immeasurable.


Talk about society then we also have to think about social psychology because it is very important to understand the social construct rules regulations. So what do you understand by social psychology is the scientific study of natural behaviour in a particular situation how individuals behave in the situation. three levels of social psychology group interactions.

The careful activity of the intellect fools you will all the perpetual illusions and camaraderie. The mind is very complex but one can grasp the significance only with the realization of our consciousness is limited. The more you go deep into it the easier it becomes. Just like natural behavior the animals act according to their traditional pattern of behavior and habits. We have evolved through time and time has become in our life.

Time is also a degrading factor JIDDU KRISHNAMURTI

Time is also a degrading factor because it delays the action into tomorrow yesterday and coming thousand tomorrow. The reality is to be understanding the very limitation of thought and its actions. Every action is bound by pain and pleasure. In English, we make a distinction between pleasure and enjoyment.

But in our use in our employment of the words. We will discriminate sometimes. We think it odd to use the word pleasure rather than joy where you think that joy is appropriate. To make it very simple, the whole movement of the earth, the flowers, dear, water, and the single tree. It’s almost breath-taking and you turn away and go away then thoughts are how extraordinary that was.