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Hydrogen Peroxide (H2 O2): Lewis structure

Hydrogen Peroxide , a graphical representation of electron among these atom. Hydrogen peroxide, 4 is an important chemical compound. Basically it is represents H2O2. In pure state . It is light blue color.

It is use an oxidizer, an antibiotic and bleaching agent. This is concentrates hydrogen peroxide which is a reactive oxygen species and makes a good propellant in rocketry. Also this is a non polar , open book like structure with oxygen bond(o -o) spins.

The length of bond oxygen bond is 145.8pm and between bond length of oxygen and hydrogen (o-h)is 98.8 pm. To find the Lewis structure , we draws the skeleton structure. Basically the central atom connects all the atoms using a single bond.

In this case , one oxygen atom is bonding with other oxygen atom . Basically it is show in below

Although, we shows that 6 electrons are using to makes the skeleton structure. we will use the remaining 10 electrons to completes the octet.

Steps following Lewis structure of Hydrogen Peroxide

There are many types of steps in structure H2O2 which is given as bellow.

  • Find total number of electrons of valance shells of hydrogen atoms and oxygen atom .
  • Total no of electron pairs existing in lone pairs and bonds.
  • Central atom are select.
  • Marks in lone pairs on atoms.
  • Mark charges on atoms if there are charges in atom.
  • Due to check stability and minimize charges on atoms by converting lone pairs to bonds and finds best lewis structure.
  • Hydrogen peroxide molecules is a simple molecule
  • Valence electrons is give hydrogen bond atoms=1*2=2

Total valence electrons pairs

Total valence electrons pairs= σ bonds + π bonds + lone pairs at valence cells.

In which total electron pairs are finds , dividing the number of total valence electron by two. For H2O2 , total pairs of electrons are seven in the valence shells.

Center atom in H2O2

Also in the center atom in a molecule, the ability to have greater valence is required. Then hydrogen and oxygen atoms in which the highest valence. It is oxygen, the larger valence of oxygen is two. hydrogen only one valence. Oxygen atoms should be center atoms in H2O2. so constructs the figures of H2O2.

Lone pair on atoms

During H2O2 we can construct as marks lone pairs of atoms.

  • There are already three bonds in sketches two O-H bonds one O-O bond. Now only four electron pairs are remaining to mark on atoms.
  • Those remaining electron pairs should be starts to mark on outside atoms. Buts in hydrogen peroxide ,hydrogen atoms in outside atom. Than two electron in its last shell. They are two electrons in hydrogen atoms.
  • There are marks those four electron pairs on center atoms , oxygen atoms. Correspondingly oxygen atom two lone pairs to completes the octal.

Mark charges on atoms

There are no charges on oxygen atoms and hydrogen atoms. Then hydrogen peroxide is a molecule which does not have a charge. Then in which charges on every atoms lewis structure are best levels.

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Check stability and minimize charges on Hydrogen Peroxide

If no charges on atoms then reducing charges a step obtaining the best lewis structure . Then already the best lewis structure for hydrogen peroxide.

Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide

Accordingly Hydrogen Peroxide are mostly uses in many types gives below.

It is uses to prevent infection on skin causes by cut or burn.

It is very useful for sterilizing medical equipment.

To clean and refresh the refrigerator.

To remove dust from vegetables and fruits.

It is use a sanitizing product.

It is a bitter taste.

Hydrogen Peroxide in insoluble in ether.

Lewis dot structure

Lewis dot structure are follow as steps

Count total valance electron in Hydrogen Peroxide

First calculate valence electrons are presents in hydrogen peroxide . So the periodic group of hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen has only one electron its valence shell Oxygen belong to 16 the group in periodic tables hydrogen and oxygen. Only one electrons in valence shell. First completes 2 in shell then again 8 fulfill then 6 electron remaining

Valence electron of oxygen=6.

Valence electron of hydrogen=1.

Find the least electronegative atom and place its center

Hydrogen is present in any molecules then electronegative, hydrogen goes in Lewis structure. It only two electrons to complete its valence shell.

Connects single bonds in H2and O2

In hydrogen and oxygen in a connects single bonding in hydrogen and oxygen as lewis structure.

The remaining valence electron in outer atom

Lewis structure in hydrogen peroxide , hydrogen already share two electron with single bond connects with oxygen atom. So remaining valance atoms electrons around oxygen for completing octet rule.

Complete central atom octet and make covalent bond

Accordingly hydrogen peroxide , valence electron around oxygen atoms and complete octet rule. Then total 8 electron in valence shell. 4 electrons helps makes single bond between them. Each 4 valence electrons around for completing their octets.

Molecular geometry in Hydrogen Peroxide

Number of lone pairs in central atom

According to hydrogen peroxide Lewis structure. It containing a total four lone pairs and each oxygen in central atoms has two lone pairs. In this lone pairs in h2o2 by using the formula.


L.P is Lone pair on the central atom.

V.E=Valence electron in central atoms.

N.A= number of atoms to central atom.

Finds hybridization number in Hydrogen Peroxide

According to hybridization in hydrogen peroxide , sp3 each oxygen atom undergoes Sp3 hybridization.

Because , Each oxygen contains 2 lone pairs and two bond pairs. Then the formula is given


Here H is number of hybridization

N.A= number of atoms attaches to central atom.

L.P= lone pairs in central atoms.

In which no of atoms attached to each oxygen in 2 and lone pairs is also two.

In VSEPR(Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion) theory use Hydrogen Peroxide

According to VSEPR theory, if any molecules have lone pairs and sp3 hybridization, then the molecule shape bends and electron geometry is tetrahedral.

Hydrogen peroxide(H2O2) molecular shapes

There are three steps follow in shapes of hydrogen peroxide.

  1. Also It represents the central atom.
  2. X represents the bonded pairs of the electron the central atom.
  3. N represents the lone pairs of electrons on the central atoms.

According to VSEPR theory, if any molecules represents the AX2N2 then the molecule geometry molecule bends geometry is tetrahedral.


Overall given that topics is hydrogen peroxide.

Before you can read and then write to own way.

Altogether you draws the hydrogen peroxides lewis structure on the note which is following steps.

Correspondingly you follows all steps then learn and draws given structure in lewis structure known.