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Hindi God (Mother Tongue)

Hindi is the first language in India. This is the fourth language in the world, Which is 250 million users, the language. These languages are very simple and suitable. This language is mother tongue in East India.

This East Indian language is take in Devanagari Lipi. Hindi is a Endo-GERMENIC or Endo-EUROPEAN languages. The Endo – EUROPEAN languages is derives as Sanskrit which is write as in Devanagari script. This is most popular language in North and Central India.

What is Exactly meaning in Hindi

The most popular language. It is a forth language in the world, This is very easy and suitable language in India. This is East Indian language, which takes as in Devanagari lipi.

If you are travelling anywhere in India .Then you have also require in Hindi language. Also you know this language the you can enjoy your travelling without any Issue. This language are in compression to Gujrati, Marathi, Telugu, Bhojpuri , Awadhi, Braj.

This is mostly an easy language. Because it is effectively able in the other language it means Urdu and Parish. The modern its is registered language in Hindustan another form Manaki kit and Sanskrit kit. It is an Indo-GERMANIC and Indo- EUROPEAN language, Which is described in Sanskrit and shared in New Endo – Aryan.

History in Hindi language

This language produces in Saur Shani and Saur Prakrit. This is the seventh century in another language are Arabi, Farsi, and English use base in Hindi.

Basically, In the 19th century, This is developed without focusing on the Urdu language. In 1881, Bihar uses only the Hindi language. Consequently, this country is the first Indian country.

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Information in Hindi language

This language is takes as in Devanagari script. Also this is a text form in all Vovel and consonant. It is not require in lower case and upper case.

Hindi definitely is a language. Because it is influence in many types languages like urdu, persian .Basically, It doesn’t mean a language.

For example, Every language uses in another and even. Also English language loans words from all types of languages like (Latin, Greek, Tamil, Sanskrit, and Hindi). It is a part in which evolution that we found influence. Also, this is a change that happens and is unavoidable. We don’t give English a different name but still, it is English.

Most useful language in Hindi

Khadi – boli is not easy for everyone in understanding, and it makes it easy. The main purpose of language mostly communication . Basically let’s embrace, it envolves. it is just a medium.

This is a creation of post-independence India’s politics of language. While the script is unique and explains as Sanskrit. The words take ‘Sanskritised’ over the years. Which is a mix in success, in the ‘Hindi belt’. Especially, Uttar Pradesh in India.

Which region use this language

If we focus only on the spoking language in the northern part of India. There is no such thing as Hindi. You could say a numbers are loosely knowns Hindi. It has borrow words from Farsi, Urdu and Sanskrit and has many dialect variants including brij bhasha, khari boli, haryanvi, garhwali, bihari, .

Instead, this is apologies for the shallow origins of Hindi. We could see it as an example of the capacity to assimilate different influences. Yes, there is something called a ‘pure’ form of Hindi. During a sustain, it is political but anything written in that form would not be understood. It’s a majority of so knowns as Hindi-speaking population.

this is illustrate two poems penne – the first in ‘purer, Hindi and the next in colloquial. The colloquial one – it gives me. So many options to balance the weight (wazan) of each line in using words from Urdu and other language and plans the ‘meter’.

Importance in Hindi

This language uses in my area. It means if you are traveling, moving, and going anywhere. Then you have compulsory to know this language. Accordingly, you can talk to another person. Because this language expands in many areas in India.

The Hindi language is very old languages. This is all expect to Indian people in larger numbers person know this language. These are survivale to many peoples in INDIA.