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Great Learning

Great learning is the best platform, where you enjoy so many courses, and jobs online with free of cost. It is a great learning app. The India’s most trusted education platform. You can take lectures from world class universities such as Stanford business, Great Lakes executive learning.  Stanford Centre for professional development  and many more universities. There are so many professional courses available.

The best thing about this app is that it is free of  cost. It was created in 2013 with the purpose of making freshers professionals.  And to help people gain practical skills in an ever expanding field.  It provides weekly mentorship sessions with the experts who are having experience in their life. Many of the students have achieved successful career progression at leading companies such as Amazon, Adobe, American Express etc. 

Advantages of great learning app 

  • You can easily get a certificate in any course for free.
  • Also it provides you with the best experts to interact in activities and participate in it that may help you to learn.
  • Here, you can find the best opportunity for your career.
  • You can learn easily it doesn’t matter where you are. You can simply learn with the comfort of your home.
  • It can also provide you job after completing the  course.
  • specially designed for freshers who have recently graduated and they want to learn some technological skills.

Courses offered

 Data science and Business Analytics

In this course you learn data Science from global experts and also  Data science certificate from the world’s best universities.  To become a data scientist. You have to take up the  data science course. You will prefer classroom versus online mode of learning. The faculties of this course are the best practitioner’s from the good organization that practice Data science. Here, students can work in projects which is related to their course.

 AI and Machine Learning

In this course you learn artificial intelligence from the best experts. And  get certificate on artificial Intelligence and machine. Also the faculties of this course comprises top academicians. Also who pass outstanding experiences and decide to hold degrees from the world renowned universities. 


In this course you learn  best management skills from a global space list and also obtain a management certificate from the world’s best institutions. After completing the degree. You can also participate in the placement drives organize to the great learning. You also have chances to get hired by the top leading companies. The faculties are too good.

 Cloud computing– Great Learning

Because in this course you learn best cloud computing from the best universities and security certification. You can learn tools, technologies and skills for free with this app. 

Cyber security

It is the application of Technologies, processes and controls to protect systems, networks,  programs, devices and data from cyber- attacks. The aims to reduce the risk of Cyber-attacks and protect against the unauthorized exploitation of systems,  networks  and technologies. It is very important because the cost of cyber security cases rising. Privacy laws such as General data protection regulation and data Protection Act 2018 can mean significant fines for organizations that suffer cyber security. Cyber- attacks are increasingly revealing. It continue to grow in reveal,  while attackers use an expanding variety of strategies. The critical board level issue. New regulations and reporting requirements makes cyber security risk oversight a challenge. According to the hidden cost of cybercrime, a 2020 study carried out by McAfee based on data collected by Vanson Bourne, the world economy loses more than one trillion each year. Political,  ethical and social internships can also drive  attackers.

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 Cyber threats include such as malware, Crypto-jacking, DDoS, DNS [ domain name system] etc.

Digital marketing and sales-

 It is the component of marketing that uses internet and online based digital Technologies such as desktop computers, mobile  phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services.

 Digital marketing is known about adding online channels to the media . It is about joining digital into all phases of marketing. Global expertise, we have more than 50 dedicated digital marketing experts in more than 30 locations across digital Analytics, market research, technology, e-business design, and online strategy helps clients bring the full potential of digital marketing to bear on their business. Digital marketing engagements are solving specific digital marketing challenges while building ongoing client  capabilities. In addition to defining new rules and possibilities and helping develop employee skills.

We address technology infrastructure Great Learning

We address technology infrastructure issues and identify potential partners. The course program helps you to use digital marketing to transform business effectiveness. This encourages students to master the art of digital marketing which involves practical as well as theoretical knowledge from digital sources . The clients demand results and it can be achieved through constant new work development. Optimizing the customer experience across channels. The students learn how to work with clients. To integrate the flow of the customer experience across channels. Opening new courses related to digital marketing and driving new costumers becomes easy and repetitive only with a fresh and observational mind.

We continuously provide new and practical problems which are seen in real world not illusional. So, that students can face reality and innovate themselves. We work with clients to make the transformational changes needed to support new strategies and capability demands. Because developing and helping implement new growth models. The appropriate  models are designed to easy the tough challenging problems and situations will easily favour in our way. Customer experience is necessary because the first impression decides your impact on the client . If he/she is satisfied then everything comes in their place. These new sources of growth can be living products and services or new forms of media. Also we completely design new customer experiences that drive more demand for our clients’ existing offerings. 


A partnership with world class universities across the world. 

Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology

It is a state level Institute that was established in 2008 with its first batch of 60 students. The main campus of the institute is located in Okhla. It is approve by the University Grants Commission. Our institute is also a member of the association of Indian universities and accredited by the NAAC with grade A. IIT Delhi is fund by the government of India. There are currently 6 departments and that are currently functioning under the institute. Because it has  computational biology,  Computer Science and Engineering, electronics and communication engineering, human-center design, mathematics, social Science and humanities with its centers for  technology  in policing.  Its design and new media, cyber security and system research, Infosys Centre for AI. In addition to this there are 24 active student popular clubs to encourage active participation of students in various extracurricular and sports activities.

Stanford University

It is one of the world’s leading teaching and Research institutions. The university is organize around seven schools. Three schools consisting of 40 academic departments at the undergraduate level. As well as four rational Schools that focus on graduate programs in law, medicine,   education and business. All schools are on the same campus. The full time 4 year undergraduate program has an Arts and Science focus with  graduate student coexistence. Stanford is known as the Western Association of schools and colleges. Stanford is home to the Martin Luther King Junior. It also runs the John as Night Fellowship for professional generalists. The center of four Ocean solutions. Stanford is part of the  bio-hub.  A new Medical Science Research Centre founded in 2016 by a 600 million dollar commitment from Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg.

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North-western University School of Professional Studies

It is one of 12 schools comprising North-western University,  with campuses in Evanston and Chicago, Illinois. The school was found in 1933 under its original name of University College. Because it offers highly specialized degree programs at the undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and professional development levels. With more than 2500 students. In 2014, US news and World report ranked the college Masters in public policy administration program at top public affair graduate program in the nation. Current college students, high school students, and  individuals seeking professional development for personal enrichment can choose from over 300 course offerings during the summer, including intensive language and Science sequences.

IIT Madras

It is a public Technical university located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. It provides all kinds of programs such as undergraduate, postgraduate, joint degree  and exchange programs. The departments include  aerospace engineering, applied mechanics, biotechnology,  chemical engineering, chemistry, civil engineering, computer Science and engineering, electrical engineering, humanities and social science etc. Also it was established in 1959. It contains 17 number of Departments.  IIT Madras has consistently been rank by various National and international  ranking agencies.


As India’s largest professional learning company and the Globally renowned in  160  countries. It is on the mission to make professionals around the globe professional and future ready. In the last seven years, it has been able to deliver learning to the professional world with thousands of them being able to achieve successful career uplift  in leading companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, American Express,  IBM, Accenture, Mckinsey and more. In 2014, it is a flagship program in business analytics was launch in 3 cities- Chennai, Bangalore, Gurgaon. The team works closely with faculty,  industry leaders, All Alumni and students to make the program highly  relevant and comprehensive.

In 2015, our PG program for business analytics was listed. As the top analytics program in the country by Analytics India magazine, Outlook, business standard etc. This continued for two years in a row and we worked hard to become our numerous status.

 In 2016 great learning expands to 26 new  Metropolitan cities including Chennai,  Bangalore, Gurgaon, Pune, Mumbai and Hyderabad. New programs are launched- PG program in management and business analytics certification program. It impact thousands plus working professional lives and careers through our programs. 


This is the best learning platform for all student. Who are preparing government exam like UPSC, SSC, Railways and other exam. Because they are provide best courses in very less price.