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Geography meaning in Hindi

Geography meaning , that is studies in which we analysis earth and their mechanism . The study in the world’s surface, physical qualities , climate , population, products Also.

Because geography is the study in places and the relationships with people and their environments. Geographers are both the physical properties in earth’ surface and the human societies spilts.

Contrarily, it is the study in which life is the surface of the earth. It divides into two parts, human and physical it.

Human Geography

Basically, Human Geography and anthropogeography is the branch in geography. It associates and deals with humans and their relationships both communities, cultures, economies, and interactions with environment in studying their relations with and across location.

History in Human Geography

During, the Royal Geography society is found in England 1830 . The first real geographical to emerge in United Kingdoms geographical minds Halford John Mackinder in 1887.

During, the first examples in geographic methods is physical properties on the earths John Snow 1854.

Philosophical and theoretical approaches

Accordingly, many types approaches are gives below.

1 Time geography.

2 Psychogeography

3 Critical geography

4 Cognitive

5 Behavioral

Physical Geography

Basically, Physical geography is the branch of science in which we study , the processes and patterns in natural environment, and the atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and geosphere.

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Correspondingly, in nineteenth and twentieth centuries is the united state. William Morris Davis establish The cycle of erosion. Because the bulk in the work William Morris Davis developments a new branch in physical it.

In the physical its is Curtis Marbut . Its invaluable legacy for Pedology, Mark Jefferson.

Theoretical Approaches

Basically, its approaches in many types, Additionally

1 Atmosphere on earth

2 Ecology

3 Environmental science

4 Geo statistics

5 Oceanography

What are The Uses on Geography?

Accordingly , but the exact benefits of this study are one) learning in places or features in the world, two). Basically you know that, where you are in relation to the rest on the planet. three) studying how borders, countries, and people have changes in over time.

What do the uses

The uses of it is the study in practically on the subject. Because it contacts understanding how to apply in to describes the past, and help us make decisions today.

How is useful in everyday life?

it needs us understand basic physical systems. Atleast the affects in everyday life. In water cycles and ocean currents work are all describes with in. These are importance in systems to monitor and predict in order to needs chapter in the impact of disasters.

What types of Geography uses?

There are three types uses :

  • Physical geography: nature and the effects it has on people and/or the environment.
  • Human geography: contacts with people.
  • Environmental geography: how people can harm or protect the environment.

Before, it is the study of places and the relationships within people and their environments. Geographers explore two the physical properties of Earth’s surface and the human societies spread across it


Consequently, it is the ideal discipline for studying the global tourism industry; as the key journal Tourism Geographies describes as the many fundamentally geographical themes to tourism which is

(1) occurs in places,

(2) It is sold and begins in a place in the origin.

(3) It is consuming in destination places. Equally

Why is geography relevant in the world ?

Basically changing, interdependent world, students need a geographical knowledges. Which is includes familiarity and different cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles to understand and address global issues.

Use of geography

Its is uses in the study of sciences, especially health and social sciences, like that Biology, Sociology and Psychology. A-level is also a earths dependents subject. Which means that it can be useful for a complete range in university courses.

Seven themes of geography?

Seven themes in it is gives below.

  • Politics and Government. study of politics seeks to answer certain basic questions that historians have about the structure of a society.
  • Arts and Ideas.
  • Religion and Philosophy.
  • Family and Society.
  • Science and Technology.
  • Earth and the Environment.
  • Interaction and Exchange.