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What is Fitness?

 “Physical fitness is a state of health and well-being. It develops your capacity to perform better in sports, your daily job and day to day routine work. This is achieved through moderate/ vigorous physical activities, balanced diet and proper recovery”.

  Regular plant physical fitness activities like walking, jogging, cycling, swim and improve the health and physical fitness of an individual. It also reduces the risk of heart disease,  obesity, diabetes, depression, hypertension, and stress. So, we can say that physical fitness is to be a wholesome fit for an individual.

 There are 5 components of fitness-

  1.  Muscular Strength
  2.  Endurance
  3.  Flexibility
  4.  Body Composition
  5.  Cardiovascular Endurance


The muscular strength of a human being is directly related to his force production. Sports but it is related to our every movement. Movement of body parts is possible due to strength beats flexing a finger or getting up from the bed. Paralyzed people cannot move their body parts because they have lost the capacity to produce strength. A newborn baby cannot stand up and walk because they have less strength. So, we can say that for every movement of a body part or moving body from one position to another position. Strength is required and important. Whenever we think about sports performance for fitness. The first thing which comes into our mind is the most muscular strength. Normally we used the term strength Institute of muscular strength.

Strength to do this physical work

Do you have the strength to do this physical work? He or she will willingly or unknowingly flex his or her muscles and say I have the strength to do this. This shows in itself that somewhere the stent is associate with muscles. Standard normal is understood as the ability of the muscle or group of the muscle of an individual to exert force against the resistance.

If you are talking about exhausting force then the question which comes to mind is why do we want to exert force? We try to act against the resistance. It can be of two types, it can be internal resistance like your own body weight. It can be an external resistance like an opponent’s body weight. In some of the cases, we act against the resistance in which we cannot conquer and in some cases, we react to overcome that resistance. In both cases, we exert force with the help of our muscles. The muscular strength ability is use according to the nature of the sport. We need to apply force against the maximum resistance in a short duration and sometimes we need to apply the force for a longer duration.


The name itself reflects that we are talking about something to its maximum limit. So, we can see that when our muscle or muscle group can generate. The force with 100% effort by which we can tackle the maximum resistance in a single contraction. It is called the Maximum strength of an individual. It is the ability that is of great use in the spotlight weightlifting, throwing events in athletics.

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 In some of the books, people find the name of elastic strength. This is the ability where both strength and speed come into play. When the muscle or group of muscles contract with the high-speed to overcome or to act against the resistance with 70% to 80% effort that is called explosive strength. There are several examples where explosive strength is require such as jumping,  sprinting in athletics, boxing etc.


 This is related to the work which is done for a longer duration. It is both strengths as well as endurance that comes into play. In reasonable words, we can see that when muscles or a group of masala act against the resistance with 50% to 60% effort. To try to overcome the resistance for a longer duration despite having Prateek. Then it is call that the individual is having strength and endurance. There are many sports where we can easily see the use of these abilities such as running in cross country races,  cycling, swimming etc. 

Important for FITNESS

  •  Strength depends upon the contraction of muscles and several other factors. These are some factors that play a major role in the Liberation of force by the muscles. These are as follows:
  • Neural Control: how much force the muscle will generate largely depends upon these three factors.
  • Several motor units are involve in the contraction- if a greater number of motor units are recruit then more amount of force will be generate.
  •  Size of the motor unit involved in the contraction- If the size of the motor units is Greater, then also. So the amount of force generated will be higher.
  •  The intensity of nerve-muscle- if the intensity of nerve-muscle is faster, then so also. The force generated by the muscle will be higher.

Important for FITNESS

  • Muscle cross-section- it is well known that to everyone that the Liberation of force largely depends upon the size of the month. The more the size the more it will generate.
  • Muscle fiber- muscles are made up of two types of fiber, one is fast fiber and another is called slow-twitch fiber. Both the fiber are present in the muscles. The quality of the muscle depends upon the proportion of the fiber in the particular muscle. If the fast-twitch fibres are more in ratio, then the muscle will contract faster and generate more force. This type of muscle has anaerobic capacity. Whereas the muscle having throat fiber will generate less force in comparison to the muscle with fast-twitch fibers.
  • Energy supply- muscles get their energy by the breakdown of ATP, adenosine triphosphate and CP. It creatine phosphate which is store in the body. The amount of ATP and CP stored in various and shall for the muscular activities as it provides the energy to the muscles.
  • Psychological factors- in many of the situations, the psychological factors contribute a lot in getting more forceful muscular contraction. The factors such as anger, and aggression, motivation etc. It plays a very crucial role in pushing their mind to develop very strong nerve impulses which can lead to activating more motor units.


Strength is regard as a very essential part of sports performance. It is a conditional ability and can be improve to a greater extent by training. There are various methods by which one can achieve the level of strength one wants. whenever I think about improving the strong ability of an individual. the first thing which comes to your mind is the structure of for activity 

In some of the activities, our body weight acts as a resistance and in some cases, external bodyweight places the maximum role. There are some designed resistance training for developing the strong ability of an individual, the condition in your mind. We know that counting the resistance again and again will help us to improve fast and the ability. For improving the standing ability the following methods are use.

Weight Resistance

  • Using body weight as resistance; in this method, we design or strength training in such a way that our own body acts as resistance. For example, rope climbing, Hill running, etc. we tried to carry on body weight against gravity which helps us to improve our muscular strength. This method is very effective for young athletes.
  • Using external wait as a resistance: this type of training, that leaves uses external weight as resistance. This is a more effective method of improving strength ability. For example, weight training, medicine balls, weight belts etc are use to develop strength ability. The resistance increases or decreases according to the need. Along with weight training,  several other methods are use for improving the strength. Where external resistance is use. For example swimming against the flow of water in the river, drag running etc.


Whether individual continuous and physical activity for a longer period. Then he or she is said to have good and orange for doing that particular work. It looks like both physiological as well as psychological abilities of an individual play a crucial role in determining the entrance ability. As an individual continues doing any work for a longer duration. After some time he or she may feel physical as well as mental fatigue. If he or she can continue the word for longer then this shows that he or she is having good endurance.

Endurance is normally understood as the ability to do any work for a longer duration. It is caste specific in nature. Many such examples in our daily life show that this ability is task-specific such as we see a teacher. Who stands and continues taking his classes for us together. If the same teacher is ask to run for an hour or more,  he or she will not be able to do so. At the same time, if you ask the long-distance runner to run for an hour. He or she will do it easily. But if the same Runner sits and works in the office for long hours, he or she may not be able to do it. Mental toughness, interest in the task and physiological qualities. All have a very important role to play when we talk about endurance.

 Endurance can be divided into three types, as far as the nature of the activity is concerned.

Basic Endurance

  • This type of endurance ability makes an individual capable to carry out any type of work for a longer duration. It is not task-specific. This type of endogenous largely depends upon the aerobic capacity of an individual. In this type of endurance, the pace of the activities is slow.

General Endurance

  • This type of endurance ability e makes an individual capable to carry out any type of work for a longer duration with various movement patterns and pace. The nature of the base Mein changes according to the demand of the activity. 

Specific Endurance-

  • This type of endurance ability makes an individual capable to carry out a specific type of work for a longer duration. The set type of movement patterns and pace. This involves aerobic as well as anaerobic qualities open individuals and is highly trainable.


The ability of an individual to move his body parts with a maximum range around the related joint. It is measure in degrees, radians or centimeters. This is a motor ability which is of great importance for sports performance as well as for leading a normal healthy life. It can be passive or active.


When the movement around the joint is done with external help. Then this type of flexibility is termed passive flexibility.


When the movement around the joints is done without external help. Then this type of flexibility is termed active flexibility. The active flexibility is subdivide into two parts: Static and dynamic flexibility.

Static: When the individual is executing movement around his joints in a sitting or standing position, then it is call static flexibility.

Dynamic: when the individual is executive movement around his joints while moving. Then it is call dynamic flexibility.


  •  Anatomical structure of joint: the range of movement around joints largely depends on the Anatomical structure of the joint. For example, the ball and socket type of joint has the maximum range of motion in comparison to other types of joints.
  •  Ligaments and muscle stretchability: The bones are attach to the ligaments. These ligaments have a great role to keep the two moons attached. such ability has a great impact on the movement possible around the joint. The stretching ability of muscles around a particular joint also plays a major role in the movement.
  •  Coordination: coordination between the agonist and antagonist muscles around the joint plays a very crucial role in determining the flexibility around the joint.
  •  Strength of the muscle: for any movement, the muscle should have the basic strength to move the associated part or bone. If the muscle is weak then it will not be able to move the bone to its maximum limit.


  • There are some methods which will improve our flexibility. Ballistic method- In this method, the movements around the joint are done with the swing. This type of method is very much effective in improving the range of motion around the joints, for example, gymnastic movements.
  •  Stretch and hold- In this type of method, one is ask to stretch to his or her maximum limit and hold the position for a few seconds, then again the previous position. This type of matter is very useful for the improvement of flexibility. This can be done individually or with the help of another person.
  • Post-isometric stretch- in this, the muscle is isometrically contracted for around 8 to 10 seconds. So it returns to normal condition. Muscle is stretch to its limit gradually. It is also call proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. It requires the provision of a trained person and advanced methods to practice.
  •  Fitness is not only require for players but also everyone. It is an essential part of life. one must do various fitness activities to keep oneself physically, emotionally and mentally healthy.


It is the classification of the human body into fat weight and lean body weight. It can be access using both direct and indirect methods. A direct method for evaluating the body composition in hydrostatic weighing or underwater weighing,   body com by skinfold calliper is call indirect method.


 The heart, lungs and vessels can supply sufficient amounts of Oxygen and nutrients to the cells to meet the demands of the activity characterized by moderate contractions of large muscle groups over a prolonged period. The 12 minutes Run or Walk test can be use to evaluate cardiovascular endurance. 

Physical activities result in increased exercise capacity and physical fitness which may lead to many health benefits. individuals who were more physically active appear to have lower rates of all-cause mortality, probably due to a decrease in chronic diseases including coronary artery disease. This may result from an improvement in cardiovascular risk factors in addition to enhancing fibrinolysis, improving endothelial function, decreasing sympathetic tone and other determining factors.

Physical FITNESS inactivity

Physical inactivity is now consider a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. Regular exercise results in a decrease in exercise capacity and lower oxygen demand leading to cardiovascular benefits. Physically active individuals suffer from fever elements than less active individuals. The fitness activity reduces cardiovascular risk through lowering of blood pressure, improving tolerance, reducing obesity, improving lipid profile, enhanced fibrinolysis etc. Healthcare professionals should incorporate counselling to patients for physical exercise and fitness in their daily clinical practice, while health policymakers and community physicians should see to the implementation of this at the community level. It also controls your body weight. 

Researchers have also found that it finds cancer and prevents upcoming cancer-related ailments. Many scientists have discovered that physical fitness is related to the longer life of an individual. Those people who exercise regularly and keep their fitness in check attend to live longer and happier. This is all related to the physical activity of the body.  It also makes you look younger and beautiful. One should always focus on his fitness and help so that any disease will never attack them. Young teenagers fight depression. And exercise plays a pivotal role in making them happy and reducing their stress levels as exercise is an actual stress reducer. 


Food is also necessary to keep fitness in check. Ok, we should take nutritious food. Food rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates is very essential. Protein is necessary for body growth. carbohydrates provide the required energy in performing various tasks, vitamins and minerals help in building bones and boosting the immune system. Taking food in an over quantity is not good for the body. The body demands nutrition and taking essential nutrients in advocate amounts is call a balance diet. 

It keeps the body and minds strong and healthy. Good food helps in better sleep, proper brain functioning and healthy body weight. include vegetables, fruits and pulses in daily diet. one must have a three-course meal. Together all this combined makes the body beautiful and healthy with fitness. Routine exercise helps improve your muscle power. It has a good oxygen supply. Our bones get strong and joints and the pain-free movement. Daily morning walks improve our fitness level.  Exercise burns or fat and control the cholesterol level in the body. Outdoor games like cricket, football, volleyball etc keep our body fit. A person stays happier when he or she is fit and healthy. A fit body is less prone to chronic diseases. The health of mind and body is very crucial for the self-confidence of a person. The intensity of the fracture decreases with regular exercise.