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Environmental Working Group

Environmental Working “ Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can  change the world, indeed. It is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

As you all know if we want to bring change in any field so for doing one or two people doesn’t work. We want a big group who can work in it. As here, for changing and solving environmental issues we want working groups.

An environmental working group is a Non- profit organization.  It is an American activist group that specializes in research and they have advocacy in the fields of agricultural subsidies fertilizers toxic chemicals drinking water pollutants and many more. it was founded in 1992 by Ken cook and Richard Wine its headquarter is situated in Washington DC in the United State of America this organization is specifically made for environmental issues.

If we talk about Indian environmental groups there are so many environmental organizations Made in India which help how to solve environmental issues.

Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group

Chintan group was founded in 1999 by Bharati Chaturvedi with the purpose of Sustainable consumption environmental and Social Justice.  This organization focus on the issue of waste picking in a non – Judgemental manner. Society treated very badly these people who did the work of waste picker. Bharati Chaturvedi makes a group of youngsters who can work from the community to consider future options outside waste cooking if they choose. 

This group has been awarded by UN climate solutions award. In 2015 by the UN Secretariat for fighting climate change. The people Generally who are consider lowest in the caste hierarchy or socially background socially low background Oppo list predominantly work as based speakers.

Because they don’t have any other option and don’t find any other kind of employment.  As in India, there are 2 million people. Who are a link only do a work of waste picking and mostly of the among women and children. The work ok as a waste paper. Because they are not educate. Because no one is here to send these Children to School that’s why they face discrimination. 

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Sankalp Taru Foundation Environmental Working

Sankalptaru Foundation is an NGO and its purpose is to plant trees for the people. This organization works for the benefits of planting trees and how to fight pollution, Strengthening the livelihood of farmers, and trying to grow more and more trees. Focuses on a mission to create or make our Earth a green and healthy planet.

It started so many programs for the environment such as rural livelihood support program, clean and Green School program community land plantation program City waste plantation program, and many more. This organization makes the group in city-state all local areas and plant more and more trees. 

Its vision is to develop a biodiverse sustainable world for future generations. It is a very beautiful purpose that is to paint Earth green with trees and this process brings economic sustainability to poor rural communities by creating livre good opportunities.

Greenpeace India Environmental Working

Greenpeace is an independent organization Major presence in 55 countries across Europe America and Asia. It is also working as the environmental global environmental group it was founded in 1970. They are collects donations from the people who don’t come under government organizations. It has been sailing the world’s oceans protecting our planet by researching the effects of climate change. Also its purpose is to solve environmental problems and to force the solutions which are essential to your green and peaceful future for the upcoming generation.

Hara Jeevan

Hara Jivan is also a nonprofit organization in Delhi India. Its purpose is to plant a hundred million native trees and solve environment-related problems such as air pollution. 

Institutes for sustainable communities are form and social bonding is encourage to plant more trees to protect our Earth. Also the organization is very strong at its core. To combat the multitude of challenges and everyday life. New problems related to  Environment Degradation and pollution, everyone should be very aware and sensitive to the planet and its things.

Every individual has to support for Environmental Working

Every individual has to support and be cooperative only then and the greener planet I will survive arises from its all problems. The main concern is pollution and deforestation. These two you are the ultimate destroyer of the greenery on earth. Never neglect small steps taken by organizations. It doesn’t matter if the funding is huge or small, all as a worker’s salary. The steps and the initiatives are both powerful and commendable.

If you’re not then you will think about their future generation’s health and wealth. Keep in mind that our mistakes and disorder have resulted in all-natural catastrophes and artificial phenomena. The most polluted city is Delhi. One cannot breathe fresh air in Delhi. The only thing you breathe is toxic chemicals and pollutants. The air pollution in Delhi is hazardous and very harmful for patients with asthma for lung-related diseases. The goal is to plant millions of trees so that everyone can breathe fresh air without chemicals. the initiative is big so does our beliefs and hopes. 

Clean Air Asia for Environmental Working

Because Clean Air Asia is an international Non-Governmental organization whose mission is to improve and betterment of air quality. We aim to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in 1000+ cities in Asia through policies and programs that cover air quality,  Transport, and Industrial emissions, and energy use.


We work with Ministries related to energy, environment, transport, and health. in cities of Asia, Private sector, and development agencies to provide leadership and technical knowledge in the following areas: air quality and climate change,  admission Urban Development, clean fuels, and vehicles, and green freight and Logistics.


Clean Air Asia approached the problems very consciously and with determined observation. it also backed his actions with science-based Technologies and the latest reports. In 2002 at our better air quality conference. A powerful event was held that gathered around 1,000 policymakers, practitioners. Also industry leaders in coming up with solutions for cleaner Air Asia.

The mission is very clear and direct. To promote better air quality and livable cities by translating knowledge to policies and actions that reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from transport, and sectors. As we all know the most important thing is to breathe. If the air is toxic and harmful one cannot survive full long. The pollution damages our standard of living and shortens our life by around 20%.

The toxic chemicals

The toxic chemicals present in the air are hazardous to two common human beings in many ways. It creates a sense of irritation in all respiratory organs, mucus generation. In winters, Delhi gets crowded with visible fogs. This fog with toxic chemicals creates ruckus in the morning. Because first people get irritate while breathing and the fog causes lots of accidents and mis happening. To take initiative and stand strongly he needs lots of goods and courage.

If the air is not clean and healthy, how can our future generation survive? The toxicity is increasing day by day and there are no rules or restrictions for these big profit-making companies dumping their toxic In the air and freely. No one is stopping them from questioning them.  Also to take precise and determined actions against these big companies is necessary. all these industries are there only for-profit and just wanna be rich and make good money. They don’t care about the people of any region. money is what matters the most in their life. 


The Wildlife Protection Society of India was founded in 1994 by Belinda Wright, it’s executive director, it’s an executive director who was an award-winning wildlife photographer and filmmaker till she took up the cause of conservation


 Also the main aim is to raise Social awareness and sensitivity towards the daunting task of tackling.

India’s growing wildlife crisis. It provides support and information to the government authorities, the society e does their lucrative research and necessary observations of the wildlife habitat and nature. of the wildlife and to observe minor disturbances which result in the great conflict between human and wildlife. 

The government authorities are informed of the tactics and tricks of the poachers and wildlife f2l traders particularly wildlife tigers. The tigers are very popular among these poachers. To hunt a wild tiger is a very hectic and dangerous job. The tiger’s body sells for half a million. The skin is used to highly prized other parts of the body such as their canine cells for huge amounts in the illegal markets. The buyers are mostly rich people who want 82 to pursue the power of a tiger which is not possible until the animal is alive so they want it. Animal dead body D is a mark of domination and caution over the Majestic and beautiful animal. 

With a team of committed environmentalists, WPS is one of the most respected and effective wildlife conservation organizations in India. It is also a registered non-profit, founded and. The society’s board members include leading conservationists and business people.