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Educational minister of Kerala

Educational minister of Kerala, First let me explain you what is educational ministers? So, education minister in the governments of some countries responsible for dealing with education matters. When we talk about education. Education plays a very significant role in our life as well as for country also. Every country’s citizens are the most vital resource for their countries. Our nation gives us education to achieve a better quality of life.

Education is necessary for getting good jobs, learning, or many more. It helps people become better citizens, it helps to shows us what is right or wrong. If everyone is provided with the same opportunities to education, then there would be less gaps between social classes. Everyone would be able to have an equal chance at higher paying jobs. It also gives you confident and it is a major part of being successful. Why in this era there is need for educational ministers?

Educational minister explain the national policy in Kerala.

Educational minister formulating the national policy on education and to ensure that it will be implemented.

  • It develops strategic policy for and deliver services to the education sector.
  • He will planned development, including expanding access and improving quality of the educational institutions throughout the country, including in the regions where people faced lots of problem for education.
  • He is tries to make sure that every child in this country gets minimum education till class 10th.
  • It ensure that female child is not deprived from education.
  • It gives more attention to disadvantaged groups like the poor, females and minorities and tribal.
  • They are provide financial help in the form of scholarships, loan, subsidy to deserving students from deprived sections of the society.
  • It encourages international cooperation in the field of education, including working closely with the UNESCO and foreign governments as well as universities, to enhance the educational opportunities in the country.

List of Kerala education ministers

NameTermChief minister
Joseph Mundassery5th April to 31st July 1959E. M.S Namboodiripad
P. P. Ummer Koya22nd Feb 1960 to 26th SeptemberPattom A. Thanu Pillai
R. Sankar26th Sep 1962 to 10 Sep 1964R. Sankar
C. H. Mohammed Koya6th march 1967 to 1st nov 1969E.M.S Namboodiripa
C.H Mohammad koya1 nov 1969 to 1 aug 1970C. Achutha Menon
C.H Mohammad koya4th oct 1970 to 1 march 1973C. Achutha Menon
U.A Beeran27th jan 1978 to 3 nov 1978A.K Anotny
C.H Mohammad Koya29th oct1978 to 7th oct 1979P.K Vasudevan Nair
C.H Mohammad koya12th oct 1979 to 1st dec 1979C.H Mohammad koya
Baby John25th Jan 1980 to 20th oct 1981E.K. Nayanar
P.J Joseph28th dec 1981 to 17th march 1982K. Karunakaran
T.M Jacob24th may 1982 to 25th mar 1987K. Karunakaran
K. Chandrashekharan26th mar 1987 to 17th June 1991E.K Nayanar
E.T Mohammad Basheer24th June 1991 to 16th mar 1995K. Karunakaran
E.T Mohammad Basheer22nd march 1995 to 9th may 1996A.K Antony
P.J Joseph20th may 1996 to 13th may 2001E.K Nayanar
Nalakathu Soopy17th may 2001 to 29 aug 2004A.K Antony
E.T Mohammad Basheer31st aug 2004 to 12th may 2006Oomen chandy
M.A Baby18th may 2006 to 14th may 2011V.S Achuthanandan
P.K Abdu Rabb18th may 2011 to 20th may 2016Oomen chandy
K.T Jaleel2016- 3rd may 2021Pinarayi Vijayan
V. Sivankutty20th may 2021- presentPinarayi Vijayan
above all are education minister

Indian politician

V. Sivankutty is an Indian politician, currently serving as the minister for Education, from the state of Kerala, and a former member of the Legislative Assembly of Kerala representing the Nemon constituency. he holds a degree in law. He is a member of the communist party of India. This is Sivankutty’s third term as an MLA. This year, his win was considered as historic as he defeated veteran BJP politician. Sivankutty has been the face of the CPI-M in the capital city for long as he grew up as a students leader and went on to become the Mayor of Thiruvant Puram and is now a three time legislator.

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All Educational minister of Kerala

As an education minister Sivan Kutty tries to improve so many things. For covid protocol, he said that they are not forcing staff to come to school if they are not vaccinated yet. There is a historic day in the field of public education in Kerala, said minister V Sivan Kutty. The children will be provided security in schools as their mothers take care of them. The concern of the parents is essential as we all see the first or second wave of covid.

Kerala government is taking all the responsibility.

So, parents also feel scared to sending their child to school. But the Kerala government is taking all the responsibility. Classes from 1st to 7th and 10+2 classes are starting. There have to follow covid protocols only two students are allowed to sit on a bench. They have to maintain a distance of two meter while having food. The teachers who take both doses of vaccine are permitted to come to school.

He said that the students who got A+ in all subjects in class 10th they would get seats in the courses of their choice as the government would increases seats by 10 to20% and starting additional batches in various districts of the state. He also said that presently, a marginal increase in seats has been implemented in Palakkad, Kozhikode, Malappuram, Kannur, Wayanad and Kasaragod districts of the state.

Why Kerala education is good?

Educational minister of Kerala is the best knowledge how to manage all educational department. Kerala is known for its highest literacy rate in the country and 100% enrolment of children in primary and secondary education. The government of Kerala put a high percentage of budget in the development of the education sector. School in Kerala are run by the government or private trusts.

Kerala good literacy rate

One of the important fact of Kerala good literacy rate is that the ruler of Kerala of earlier time was more supportive in establishing schools and colleges. Thus most of the people got educated and were able to find jobs in the country and abroad. Therefore, parents ensure that their children goes to school and colleges. Then education become essential for everyone.

As per the 2011 census, Kerala has a literacy rate of 93.91%. In Kerala, 96.02% men and 91.98% women are literate as against 82.14% of men and 65.46% of women at all India level. Among districts, Kottayam tops in literacy rate with 97.2% followed by Pathanamthitta with 96.5%. lowest literacy rates are in Wayanad and Palakkad with 89% and 89.3% respectively. Even the lowest literacy rate of Wayanad 89% is higher than the national average.

Kerala’s royal queen of Travancore Said

In earlier era  Kerala’s royal queen of Travancore said that “ Educational minister of Kerala, the state should not defray the entire cost of the education of its people in order that there might be no backwardness in the speed of enlightenment among them, that by diffusing education. They might become better subjects and public servants, her statements are truth in the sense even today after 200 years, the discourse in the economics of education continues to oscillate between defraying education. The historic royal script of 1817 proclaimed education as the responsibility of the state. It emphasized that political will is more important than the political economy to decide the spending on education.


Kerala government well known about education because they are improve skills in children.

After that all student , they have good knowledge about our society and future related.

Basically all parents are more efforts on our children. In this all person focus our aim and prepare our self for the exam.

They are mostly all people getting a good knowledge about all those things like our environment etc.

After that all Student got best knowledge in Kerala, so this state are more grow-up. This state education are very good in this time. If any one target our aim they are already passed. This is the very best in all state.