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When we talk about Educational websites what comes in our mind google, chrome, or some other apps. But for seeking good knowledge we have to use good sites for education where we learn good and true knowledge. Every individual wants to receive best and facts education but some sites don’t have that much knowledge and mostly students leave their education because of high costs what institutions demanding.

At that time these websites are very beneficial for them as well as for their studies. In this generation everything is working online and for this we want good online materials for study. Even people don’t have offline books they study with pdf. So, there are so many websites which provide you free access of knowledge.

We are going to an website which are very good then i fined more subject on this site they are very good courses available on this platform so i can buy many more course on that site.

Benefits of educational websites

  • There is an ease of learning anytime from everywhere.
  • Students who are not able to afford costly education, they van easily learn from these websites and cost of free.
  • Content has always updated and they. So, people always learn updated things easily
  • It can help child to easily understand the topic because sites provides easy notes comparison to book chapters
  • Some educational websites offer quick assessments. This helps student to check their knowledge what they have learned.
  • In Educational Website contents were written by high quality learning, experts.
  • People can offer multiple websites so, they can easily access knowledge from many websites.

Simply psychology

It’s a educational website collection of psychology articles, videos and demonstrations helping psychology students gain a basic understanding of the field and  make easily notes for their academic source. This site is very useful for students because it offers videos too on the topics. Students who are taking psychology field. This site is very easy to understand the contents.

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 Khan academy

This is the best Educational website for high school students. Here, you get any subjects topic like math, physics, chemistry, biology, history etc. It provides you free personalized learning experience.

that are based on the you tube videos. It also provide you practice exercises and materials for educators. It produces short lessons in the form of videos.

Course era

It is an open Educational online works with universities and other organizations to offer online courses, degrees in a different subjects. this website provide you some  free of cost courses. It is the app also.

Very well mind

Educational website providing informational contents about the mental disorders and mainly focus on health. It is a award winning resource for reliable, compassionate, and up to up date information on the mental health topics that matter most to you. The articles  written by physicians and mental health experts. They ensure that their content is high-quality, inclusive, and reflects the latest in evidence- based research and information.

Big Think

Educational website is a collection of interviews, presentations and discussions with experts from different fields. It also provides You Tube videos which is very beneficial for students. They provide contents on the basis of neuropsych, thinking, leadership, smart skills, life, health, hard science. This website able to give lessons from the biggest thinkers in the world.

It is the trusted platform for online education and learning. This education movement for restless learners. they offers interactive online classes. It also conducts research into learning based on how people use its platform. It hosts online university-level courses in a wide range of disciplines to a worldwide student body, including some courses at no charge.

Question Pro

It is a great educational website online survey software and allows us to make complex questions simple. this website helps students who wants tp study research so, they can easily make survey questions, take the answers and analyze their results. It offers a wide variety of customized professional services including logic and custom scripting, custom design etc. it is provide some special course for all student.

It is the Educational website which provides you timely health and medical news and information. The site includes information pertaining to drugs. It is one of the top healthcare websites by unique visitors. Their goal is to highlight the news and resources that can support you as research healthcare issues or make decisions related to medical care.

if i can visit this platform this is very good and perfect for all person. any one see this platform its very good for all person. its is provide good online video on you tube channel only for study related.

Saroj academy

Educational website is very useful for those students who are preparing for government exams and public sector exam. It provides you good online study material for all students. they are also take online demo classes for government aspirant. Because It also distributed you practice assessment made by good faculties. they are very best institute in our area. It is most effective platform for all the student. The teachers made effective notes, model paper and test papers. It provides you best online courses too i.e., IIT JEE, NEET, GATE, UPSC, SSC, TGT, PGT, CCC at vey cheap costs.

This website can help you in very ways. This website can help you in very ways. The institute gives you more and short tricky knowledge to understand and learn easily. If you find any difficulty you can contact easily and they can solve your problems as soon as possible. It focus not only education but also how child growth mentally and what they want to become in their future.

Ted talks

Educational website best platform who wants to feel motivated. It provides you influential videos from expert speakers, business, actors, science, tech and many more. Its main motive is to spread ideas usually in the form of short, powerful talks. The most watched speaker on is Sir Ken Robinson. This is very popular website because it is available online anytime, to anyone, and cost of free. the teacher had to speak to student after he was late for class for three consecutive days.

First, are going to an institute for some information , once i find more relatively for me for me. so that i join this institute and i found more knowledge.

it is very good platform knowledgeable for those people who are preparing any competitive exam like SSC , Railways etc.


  • At this time we are talking about some special course for government exam preparation then i fine best academy on google .
  • Another key point for all above given institute are best for government exam preparation.
  • Above all website provide all special courses to the very less price.
  • Basically All person are searching online mode institute because it is more effective for all person.
  • During searching educational website for online study , i got a best platform Saroj Academy .
  • Equally for those person who are gaining more knowledge through the internet.

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