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Digital board for teaching

Digital board for teaching is a very good for online teaching. All function given in this board as like pen color, mathematical function etc. This is the era of technology mostly things run by technology. So when we talk about online education how teachers use this technology in a beneficial manner. So, here is the answer that is digital board. First, let me explain you what is digital board.

It is a type of smartboard which uses for display and manipulate the information by using a touchscreen or digital styles. Nowadays there is need to make the class interactive by these boards. This helps students to take interest in class and they get easily understand. This amazing technology enhanced the average classroom. If you have to give presentations in class, or in a company then you can easily present it online.

Benefits of using digital boards

There are some advantages of using digital boards in the classroom such as it interact the whole class by showing videos, diagrams etc. It makes more eager to work with it as students find the technology interesting. Digital boards are help in collecting wider range of educational resources. It also helps to give the facility of audio and visuals to explain the lessons. Here, you can use so many colours so, it makes easier to understand the thing because colours can prepare child for good optical illusion. It has very low maintenance that is very easy to use. As you saw in blackboards there is need to chalk or markers but here, you only use your finger or a special pen.

Types of digital boards


It is a digital interactive whiteboard developed by google classroom. It is used to draw using a mouse or trackpad. You can present your jamboard to google meet. There are so many benefits to use google jamboard. It offers you variety of editing options such as pen, marker, brush  and highlighter. You can also save your work for upcoming use. It can offers you so different types of frames in Jam. If you want to do group work then you can work in another frames as well. You also get option to add, delete, preview, duplicate etc. you can share and access your work also. For example, viewers can access the jam, view the frames and also see the edits and editors can edit the jam. You get option to save the jam as pdf.  So, you can enjoy so many benefits by using the jam.

Vibe Collaboration smart whiteboard

It is a online collaboration platform it offers you fluidly sketch, design and conceptualize on an infinite canvas. It is mainly helpful for make the sessions interactive. You can easily connect with the all class. Students as well as employees have the ability to comment, share files, make notes, conceptualize, and design. It actives your brainstorming sessions, client presentations, and virtual trainings. You can get smoothly editing online board, video conferencing, screen share and many more.

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White board

Digital board for teaching. It is a best board to use for primary or secondary schools, first it is very affordable cost. Smartboards and interactive white boards are only increasing in popularity among educators, teachers and schools. In starting people faced so many problems to used it but now it is very familiar with all teachers as well as students. These board are very easy to use.

Using an interactive whiteboard is as simple as connecting your computer. It offers you touch screen capabilities. They allows the user to click on buttons, highlight the text and drop and drag items right from the computer screen display. It can be benefitted the classroom in many ways such as highlight the important topic and engage students in group projects. It may help to include question and answer sessions, explanations with the help of diagram, videos etc. In online classes it gives the ease for teachers to explain the concepts.

Smart tech interactive smart board

Digital board for teaching its is very comfort for all student and teacher. This board is the best leading interactive displays. It gives offers to you powerful capability at a great price. This is very easy to use. It gives you best learning environment. It engaged students to learn remotely by sitting anywhere. By using podium interactive pen, you can make notes and presentations and share in your class. It provides you amazing audio quality that presents smoothly. The best thing it provides easy finger touch technology. This quick touch functionality helps to quick editing, drawing and writing a dream.