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Approach Academic Black Friday each customer with the idea of helping him or her to solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service. – Brian Tracy

When we talk about sale people loved this word sale. It is the word which attracts customer to buy products. After Thanksgiving, in the US starts the Black Friday sale. Which is nothing but,  a great way  to boost  the economic conditions of a particular nation. It has been going on for centuries and the reason behind. It is very traditional approach. The human minds  follow ascertain mechanical system. Which is based on power conditioning, which is a pattern. The Black Friday starts a great way  of holiday for many employees.

It is very conditional traditional  conceptual  of day full of special shopping deals and big discounts and generally. It acts As the  beginning of the holiday shopping season. The sales made on Black Friday are often cheap and very affordable. It is symbolically saw as the start of  the critical holiday shopping season. All the big stores offers great discounts on electronics clothes, toys and other apparel and gifts. It is very common for general public. Who got offering special promotions online and offline in store on Black Friday.

The Black Friday

The year ending is the beginning of the Black Friday. Some retailers have gone so far  to keep their  customers busy and attract them with tactics and mind tricks. The operations going on Thanksgiving holiday, embarks a new journey while others begin offering deals earlier November. Thanksgiving really creates space and room for the Black Friday members. Because these two kind of festivals are very related and similar.

The most fanatical have been loan to step. Thanksgiving dinner altogether and trek or camp out in parking lot 4 days or even weeks to get great deals. The promotions usually continue through Sunday and online retailers. Its see a huge spike in sales therefore leading to a great deal of profit for themselves. The common people irrespective of their status very likely to spend more money. Than they earn in this festive holidays. But no one can stop them to shop or buy things on these days. Unfortunately, They get catch in the trap of cheap sales. Which are nothing but talks to drive more customers and sales to their respective products.

A black Friday  sales

The customer doesn’t doubt or even think about. The reason may vary but the fact is to trapped the retailers may spend an entire year planning a black Friday sales. This day is using as a great opportunity to get their favorite products and materials in very less price. Whereas uncommon days. This is offer at the very big price so to utilize every single. One buys a lot of products doesn’t matter it essential or not. The urge to possess is the ultimate reason for all this mess. The end of this all seasons of shopping the natural behavior for work changes. It takes gradual time to cover up the daily routine which altogether. Always considered the right action towards essential and necessary items of need.

In the 1950s, crowds of shoppers and retailers flooded the city e of brotherly love after the day of  Thanksgiving. The Philadelphia  stores made milestones and major sales which unveiled  the holiday  decorations on this special day. The city also hosted the national army Navy football game on second Saturdays of the same weekend. The concept of Black Friday  was mainly gathered around the Thanksgiving day. After throwing post Turkey day  sales which is obviously  a major hit to the human minds.

All the store keepers 

All the store keepers  gain some profits due to a great festival which has shown it’s true colors and nature. The effort is being make to continue this festive season. It is more massive profits of the economic stores. The happy holiday shopping season was announced with great twist i.e, great many hard lees of shoppers, stores have promoted their best products with huge discounts the day after Thanksgiving day. The big companies and businesses offers Friday leave  for the employees and that eventually lead to enjoyment and family gathering and also the origin of Black Friday.

The festival was more or less a well-planned gradual marketing utilizing. Thanksgiving with the bit of intellectual understanding of the human mind.  The prices drop and the overstock left over stock inventory was offering doorbusters the store owner was usually relieve. The fact that all his overstocked products will not be waste and offered at cheap prices to the customers on the Friday  therefore leading  evolution of its own.

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Holiday decorations

The discounts on seasonal items such as a holiday decorations and typical holiday gifts were in Vogue.. retailers also so get significant discounts on major International brands and items and top selling smart devices, electronics lowering customers in the hope that the world is gonna over and shop the more you can. the idea of  this prices. I will never be this cheap drives the customers into the Great appalling marketing of the stores people. Everything around Black Friday is grand and obvious.

Consumers often fight which leads to  security violence in the absence of adequate security for example on Black Friday in 1983 customers for engaged in couples first five and stamps in stores across the US to buy cabbage patch kids dolls the reason behind it  is very obvious and senseful on that year toys must have in very short supply and the demand was huge so there was this conflict in demand and supply.

Now a days great many traffic cops And big securities what installed in every stores with 12 hour shifts to deal with robbers miss behavior over a period of time. on these days it crowd is huge and mostly out of control which create havoc around the newspaper and Television. In the 2000s The Black Friday was the biggest shopping day of the  year  after Thanksgiving and Christmas.

New Year people during Academic black Friday

As the year is getting and  the beginning of New Year people want new clothes, new electronics, new houses almost everything. The new and fresh, in the mind of the human is fill with mechanical things and the desire to have every single thing new generates a passion for having everything possessed. Slowly  it became ritual and people avoided the questions on the need of this new festive shopping spree.

Majorly American customers could no longer resist the pull off this big shopping day. In  in 2011 shopping chain named Walmart announce instead of opening. Its doors on Friday morning, it would start sales on Thanksgiving evening that started a friendly among the other big-box retailers to quickly followed suit today that black Friday  is a longer event a black weekend.

A new shopping spree 

In academic black Friday a new shopping spree  e was come into being name Cyber Monday. Which proved more successful than and Black Friday in 2019. The national retail Federation and NRF and estimated, what it is 6.4 million consumers in the U.S. shop during the 2020 5 Day Holiday weekend between Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday. This weekend is prove very successful to lure  customers into buying things which are not essential.  and to just gain profit it and take away their hard on money e on the name of shopping and festivals.

The average amount spent on holidays items during the weekend was 311. 75 million in 2019. The advancement of Technology and digital era. The online stores was profit well then commercial offline stores and franchises.  In 2020 humans became more lazy and dependent on the online world ,with a single click you can get anything you want. These Online stores provide everything from clothes to spoon.

The whole world

The whole world was devastated by covid-19 and every offline stores and restaurants were closed .So the technology has taken advantage and all the foods were delivered by this grocery and food online stores such as Zomato  and Swiggy. The lockdown hit  was major affected human minds and in centuries humans were desolated and have nothing to do which created a lot of waste of time on shopping and eating junk foods online. these all factors indicates Black Friday a successful s and in the near future advancement and enlargement with more profits and betterment.

 In academic black Friday, The  technology is taking over human consciousness which no one is aware of slowly and gradually e the mind is becoming more mechanical and material oriented where humans are too much attached with materialistic things. The  common factors  which drive the sales of market  is desire and the pleasure of possession.  If you looked at the large scale and bigger picture investors and analyst look at Black Friday as a way to gauge the overall health of the entire Retail Industry  and its reaction to such environment.

Factor other economic

In academic, Has a factor other economic factors also such a stock market as a whole the big players and investors protect the fluctuation of particular stocks on  the Black Friday, Cyber Monday sales profits and consistent revenue and the drive of more customers results  in more speculative prediction of smart money   to go long or short.. In general the stock market was affected by having extra days of for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

It creates and increases trading activity and higher returns the day before a holiday or a long weekend of a phenomenon known as the holiday effect on the weekend effect mostly traders Vada was to capitalize on this seasonal bumps and correlation. Black Friday is a sales weekend after Thanksgiving Day which is associated with market sales and attractive discounts at stores all over the world The tradition has now been adopted by retailers all over the world including India.

It has great significant

It has great significance and has been observed in the United States for over centuries now. This is becoming a celebrated annual e on the fourth Thursday after Franklin D Roosevelt was proclaimed In 1942. It believes to symbolize the US gold market crash of 1869. The day plummeted gold prices cause the market crash. Its effect was felt by the US economy for years to come single crash damaged the entire economy very badly. It continues to affect the following continuous years.

It academic is also believed that the term Black Friday alternated in the US specifically in in Philadelphia in the 1960. When the streets were congested and locked with traffic and people for Rome in all over the street looking for cheap and durable product. The market usually offers everything and anything there were many search is going on the Black Friday. Its many researchers argued that it has not good effect on human brain and their pocket.

The product must be cheap but there are some classification in products. Which are essential average are not essential at all but people tend to buy everyone every kind of products and fell into a trap of over buying. The shopping season started after Christmas. In 1961 for the more, It became iconic and ritual for everyone. Who follows them religiously just like any other festival. It has more or less relation to human cycle in when, It comes to possession and desire to have everything what world has to offer.