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About Us

About us - About The Company


Saroj Academy is a trusted learning platform. Also, this company is a more knowledgeable platform that is comfortable for all the students, and regarding us, all faculty members behave like a family. Connect with if there is any doubt. Also, you can check myself with them through social media. Because they will clear your doubt as soon as possible.
This academy is formed in 2 October 2021. This academy tells all its students about how to get good knowledge, good scores and good rank in exams. Because all its teachers will always guide it.


All about us, our faculty members teach all their students. Also who can crack the exam and all the notes, question papers, and all the test papers prepared from them. It is base on research, which is for many years. Also, Paper is made to analyze. Those who research it. Not only for one exam but all exams, our team is ready for our future students.

Dynamic Leadership

Saroj Academy is a learning platform owned by Mr. Rakesh Saroj who has done his B. Tech in 2018 as his branch Mechanical Engineering. It wants to give better and better knowledge to its students so that the upcoming students get affecting to it. Also the people. Aiming at a new place is their AIM. Through this academy, we want to give this education to the people, people should always be ready for their work and never mind, no matter how much trouble comes, have faith in yourself that we can do everything which people do at any one time. Also, qualify the good exam, they should never be disappointed by maintaining the profession, and from our academy, all of you will be given a better knowledge.

My Teaching Style

The teaching style of all the teachers of our academy is different from all the teachers. Because here the doubt session will be separate. Also, in which the solution of all types of question paper will tell us. Also, the student does not have any problem in the exam and our student is different from other students. He should attempt more and more questions in the exam and get a good rank.

Our Company Aim

The AIM of our academy is that a maximum number of students should be qualified in the exam and make the name of their family bright. All efforts will be made by our teachers that our number of students at the most, it will take its student to a new knowledge which will be Student dream.

Innovative and Structural Course

Innovative notes and innovative test papers will be available in our academy. Because which will design in a new way, which are asked in maximum questions and there is every possibility of appearing in the exam. Also, the course of that way will be prepared in our academy..

Social Responsibility

Poor children will help through our academy. Because when there is a need the help of poor people will be done through our academy. People will help in the relief works, which can be done by us. Because if there will any emergency work like health care, sanitation, and other things, we and our team will be ready for all these things.