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Month: November 2021

Memory :- How can work in our mind

By Rakesh Saroj

Memory has the ability to take in information store it, and recall it at a later time. after that you solve all problemretention of information over time for the purpose of influencing future action. Memory loss is means ,as like empty information. Amnesia:- Usually described as forgetfulness or amnesia. this is best powerful for memory…

How Education Is Important

By Rakesh Saroj

Education is a Important weapon of our life, which can leave anyone behind. Education comes from a great teacher who brings a big change in life we have to think well to do everything that it is right for us. Whether or not then we take an important decision. Those who took education in their…

Common mistakes in Competitive exam

By Rakesh Saroj

Follow Topper Tips Common mistakes in competitive exam that we do while preparing for competitive exam who are not thinking your exam material and other things. In this time all student are very rare mistake in our exam as we are think that. At the same time we are not able to write the answer…

How Can Crack Exam In First Attempt ?

By Rakesh Saroj

I said that how can crack any Exam in First attempt , before passing any exam, we have to set its time that in how much time we can do this exam. What are the subjects how can crack in first attempt. It is very important to know all these things before passing the exam.…

How can crack Gate Exam ?

By Rakesh Saroj

If you want to crack the gate exam, first of all, you make a building block in your mind and make a proper schedule for this exam preparation. I suggest all of the people, and all branches who are preparing for the gate exam make a power full schedule in your schedule if you are…